mine: hardboiled


Dead Letters #6 - Out next week (Wednesday, November 26th).

After last month’s major revelation and the return of someone from his life Down There, Sam returns to the main metropolis in a hunt to find the Saints of Nowhere that have been wreaking havoc on the New Arrivals to Purgatory.

Created by Christopher Sebela and Chris Visions

Writer: Christopher Sebela

Artist: Chris Visions

Colorist: Matt Battaglia

Letterer: Steve Wands

Editors: Eric Harburn & Chris Rosa

Wads-by D.e.e.L

The best moment was the one I paid for. It was the best moment I’ve had in years. I asked for half the money before going on the case, and had my amazing night before I even started. A good idea and sounded even better after finding out what followed that night.

                That night was a Wednesday, the middle of the week. On Thursday my life got flung into a coffin and buried six feet deep. Everything was dying around me, it wouldn’t have been as noticeable if she hadn’t walked into my life and reminded me what is was like to live. I met her on Thursday and by the weekend she was thinking of my apartment as a home. I was thinking of her as a wreck.

                I went to the office to review notes left behind by the timid schmuck that put me on the case. I hadn’t started it yet and I figured I owed him some kind of information by now. I looked over the notes to remind myself of what it was I was looking for. I wasn’t looking for anything, they were looking for him. So I guess I was looking. I had to find them first and solve the problem before they could reach him. He gave me the name of the Big Man and some of the pathetic schmucks he pays to do all the work.

                I shoved some of the important notes into my desk, dumped the rest into the trash. Scribed a few key names into my notebook and the guys address in case I got lost; put the book into the small pocket on the inner left side of my jacket.

                I went home to find her spread out on the bed, her full of powder and her mind in another world. She was just lying there so I did what I had to do to make my pants fit right again. I grabbed a warm beer from the fridge I set it down on an un-opened envelope as I sat worthlessly on the couch; pulled the book from my jacket and acted as if doing work just to ease my mind.

                This problem wasn’t going to go away unless I did something about it. The next morning I slammed an empty can on the coffee table and shouted at her to get out. She wasn’t dressed so I let her stay. Bad decisions have been a recent weakness of mine.

                That following afternoon I met at a dark lit bar with the timid schmuck. I told him not to worry, and asked for more money. He handed over an even smaller wad and I pocketed it quickly. After I said enough lies to calm his nerves I bit I walked out and left him vulnerable. I went back to my apartment and spent the rest of the night making bad decisions with the pain that wouldn’t go away.

                I woke up the next morning to find her gone. By now it was a couple days into a new week and I was feeling better about my decisions. She left a note with an address to find her If I wanted. I wouldn’t want to but I pocketed it anyway, maybe an attractive friends house, I’d stake it out later that night.

                After I got rid of more of my money at another dark lit bar I headed out to stake out the address the pain had given me. I sat in my rusted uninsured death trap and used binoculars from across the street to peer deeply through the windows. She was someone else’s pain now. Sucking life from another soul. He was a big man that probably showered her with piss and money. I peered around to the other windows and saw two men standing outside the bedroom door; two more were on the couch watching reality TV. I sized up my competition; not that we’re competing, but I wondered what made him better.

                The timid schmuck gave me the name of the Big Man after him. This man seemed pretty big, and seemed to have a few worthless lives watching his back. Their HQ wasn’t a glamorous hotspot, but it was hidden from the cops, and that’s what mattered.

                I climbed out the window of my car since the doors been jammed for over a month. The passenger door hasn’t cracked open in almost a year. I walked up to the door ready to throw out the Big Man’s name at the first to answer.

                 Some ugly looker with blonde hair came to the door; his muscles looked like he lifted weights in his mother’s basement. I asked for the Big Man and he told me to hold on. He got another ugly face to come to the door and tell me to shove off. I was in the right place.

                I snuck around the back and jiggled the handle to a door leading to the garage. It wouldn’t open so I pulled an old trick and took a bent paper clip from my warn pockets and picked the lock. I snuck in and the door to the house wasn’t locked. The idiots where obviously drunk by the TV, but I couldn’t forget the ones standing guard outside the bedroom door. I had to be quick and silent. I moved to the kitchen and knocked a pan hanging from a hook onto the ground. The sound provoked one of the men to nudge the other to check out the commotion. The blonde ugly came lugging over as I stood hidden and waiting. He came into the kitchen and as soon as he was out of sight from the other man I grabbed him from behind and covered his mouth. I shoved the tip of the barrel up against where his throat met his ugly face. I pulled the trigger and the silencer plus the close range muffled it enough to make only a faint sound that the TV clouded over. I dragged him into the bathroom by the garage door. I waited until the second man become worried, or thirsty for another beer.

                After a few minutes he came waddling over calling for the blonde ugly. He stepped into the line of red without even noticing. He opened the fridge and as he reached out to grab a fresh can I snuck up behind him and put my hand quickly over his mouth. I silenced him by blowing a hole through the back of his head and splattering his knowledge all over the fresh cans waiting in the fridge. Each dripping his cool condensation and empty thoughts covered in red. I let his body fall to the floor and make a noise; the TV still clouding over my sounds from the kitchen.

                 I crept along the one level house towards the master bedroom where the Big Man was standing tall. I crept my gaze around a corner and saw the two men standing guard outside. I could have tried to pull the same move as before and lure one away from the door, but I was getting bored. I quickly counted my bullets and readied myself. I pulled myself from around the corner and unloaded a round into each one’s head before either could react. The sound of the two men collapsing must have been loud enough to be heard over the TV and the faint music coming from inside the room. I burst the door open and he was ready for me. He pointed the gun at the girl’s head as if I cared. His hand trembling as she groped him still. I wasn’t in a place to call his bluff. I dropped my ammo-less gun to the floor, but only to free both hands. He thought I cared for her so it gave me enough of an advantage. I was told not to take a step closer or she would die. I took two steps and he blew her brains out. I charged at the naked big man and drove my head into his gut. He was probably expecting me to grovel at the loss of some whore. I got him unexpected and knocked him off his feet; the gun still in his right hand, but left for me to take. His grip was loose as he was composing himself. I grabbed it and shot him twice. Once to rid him of his little man, and again to end the Big Man.

                The timid schmuck thanked me with a slightly bigger wad.