mine: hanna

pll characters as terrible nyc street food
  • aria: watery banana strawberry smoothie with suspect black specks
  • hanna: mushy pizza lying on the floor of the times square subway station
  • emily: melty ice cream, making the entire cone a gross, soggy mess, rainbow sprinkles running all over the place
  • spencer: crushed cup of unidentifiable brown liquid (maybe coffee, who knows)
  • alison: burnt roasted honey nuts
  • mona: hard-ass bagel with vegetable (?) cream cheese, i really hope those are poppy seeds
  • ezra: crushed falafel, too greasy, too crumbly, too much oil not enough chickpea
  • toby: leathery potato knish, had so much potential
  • caleb: questionable beef (? possibly rubber, probably not kosher) hotdog
  • jason: soggy pretzel, entirely too much salt

Friendly Reminder -

In March or April 2017, when these interviews are released, we will get to see :

- Tyler and Ashley joke about a Haleb spinoff
- Tyler and Ashley describing their dream Haleb wedding
- Tyler describing their 7x10 reunion sex scene as “Super fun and erotic” and Ashley laughing at him
- Ashley literally sitting on Tyler’s lap for an interview
- and just GIF’s of them staring at each other as the other person talks

(All of this has been confirmed by people who were there for the press that day, well except the last one because I made that up but we all know it’s gonna happen ;)