mine: hamish and andy


Australia’s royal family, Hamish, Zoe and Sonny Blake, are gaining another member and it’s the greatest thing I’ve heard all year.

zotheysay When @beyonce and I fell pregnant at the exact same time, we were so happy. We made a best friend pact to announce the news with high-concept, oversaturated floral imagery and mismatched lingerie on the SECOND of February. But not only did my “best friend” announce her pregnancy on the FIRST of February, she added an extra baby to make sure HER announcement was more special. Unfortunately, as you can see, news of her betrayal came through mid-photo shoot, but you get the gist. #allthesinglebabies @mrswhitephotos

Hamish and Andy talk about Andy Lee from SHINHWA
Hamish and Andy

Andy on the Radio!!

Shinhwa’s Andy was mentioned on the Radio in Australia! When I heard this segment I was not sure if it was my Andy they were talking about, but then I heard the sound grabs, and it was bits of Andy’s songs!! I was screaming in my car xD!!

It was just something that made my day. That two aussie blokes, who know nothing about K-pop or the industry, were able to find my Andy Lee. 

Also, this is where they got one of the sound clips from =P:



In Australia we have these comedians called Hamish and Andy who had their own radio show and awhile ago they were promoting Guy Sebastian (a really talented Aussie singer) and to do so they decided to write the worst song possible and got him to perform it as if it was his own… funny thing though, the song turned out to be really catchy and australia became obsessed…