mine: haahaa

they say the human body is made of 7 octillion atoms 
but i’ve realized it only takes one wound to kill them all
i didn’t know you when you were my age
you’ve told me the stories
and i know you still hurt 
we’re growing older
nineteen years, and life feels like it’s getting colder,
but we can still do this together
call me, 1,500 miles away, i’ll still feel your sad
i feel it through the rivers and mountains that run through each state between us
you’re my best friend and you’re beautiful
when a girl plants flowers on your lips i hope she does so out of love 
or else i’ll fucking kill her, you know i will
each song you sing makes one less person feel like dying
i feel like the luckiest person to be loved by you
with a heart made of fucking gold, you’re the one they write about in books and poems
i love you and this isn’t much of a poem
i can’t finish this okay bye