mine: gummo

“I never work when intoxicated or under the influence, but I knew for the scene I wanted something special, so I got very drunk. I did that scene and I was totally out of it and it was two in the morning and that was the end of the film. It was dead quiet and everyone was shaking because here I am trying to make love to a black dwarf and I’m being rejected. And the dwarf was in his tight white underwear and I’m whispering in his ear that I’ll give him $100 if he takes off his underwear and he won’t do it for me. So I stand up, it’s two in the morning, and I stand up and I scream: ‘We made a movie. We finished the film. We made an original movie.’ I am screaming and I’m totally out of my mind. And everyone starts clapping and is happy but I don’t really know what’s going on. My younger sister who’s 19, who worked on the film, runs up to give me a hug and I threw her through the door. Then I take a painting that’s lying in the house and I start running and smashing the windows through the house. And Chloe and a few people start crying. Everyone starts flipping out and my sister’s bleeding and I’m just smashing up the windows. Then this huge grip, this bald guy that looks like Mr. Clean takes me by the neck and just throws me in a car. He drove me back to my apartment and then we all kind of had a party afterward. I tried to walk home and somebody gave me a cigar on the street and I took some scissors and I started cutting my pubic hair, with my pants down, and I just fainted into a plastic bucket.”

- Harmony Korine on the final day of shooting for the production of Gummo

What advice I would give writer/directors? Try to be great. Try to give extra. Try to, you know, be bold. Try to invent your own reality. Try to, you know, do what has not been done before. I would just say don’t even get started if you’re going to just try to do some mediocre shit, because there’s so much of that. Don’t do it just to make noise. There’s too much noise. Give me something amazing. Give me something new. Give me something I haven’t seen before in a way I haven’t seen it. Let me feel something. Find some kind of magic. Go towards something that’s inexplicable. Give it to me. Give me something that’s aggressive and gnarly. Chew up the world. Come at it from some other place, but just don’t give me the same shit over and over again because I don’t want it.

Harmony Korine