mine: guinevere


I’ve heard legends were circling in the minds of the curious ones, 

I’ve heard them all so for once let me tell you mine. 

 Thirteen years old I was when, 

I got marry to this legendary man. 

Arthur was his name, 

A name soon to be ashamed. 

Into the wild he found me, 

And fell in love head over heels.

 I swear, he could do anything, 

Just to keep me near. 

 He made me fall so strong, 

Nothing else I was craving for, 

Just a little touch of his warm, 

Manly hands to get rid of the cold. 

He captivated me, 

Enchanted me, 

I opened up my heart, 

And combined it with his.

Days went by peacefully, 

Until I met someone dear, 

A friend of my king, 

Somehow I found him next to me, 

Falling helplessly. 

Running on extremes. 

My heart used to certain, 

Was simply moving away from thee. 

I was a lady of his heart, 

He fought in the name of love. 

They called him the greatest knight, 

With powers beyond kings minds. 

Every great deed, 

He’s done thinking of me. 

I prayed this to stop, 

But I decided to break three hearts.


She wore a robe of linen dyed gold, she wore gold about her neck and on her wrists, while her springing red hair was trapped by a circle of gold. She looked like a goddess.
— Bernard Cornwell, Enemy of God  

#1 Problem with Merlin’s Ending

Merlin never accomplished the thing that he had been promised and working toward for five seasons. He did not achieve his destiny, to help Arthur create a peaceful Albion where magic (and therefore Merlin) were once again accepted. 

And I know that you could argue that he did, with Arthur saying that he wanted Merlin to always be himself, and because of this, Guinevere would change the law after Arthur’s death. 

But wasn’t it always supposed to be Arthur ruling over the peace and prosperity and magic? With Merlin at his side? Or was that something that I inserted into the destiny because that’s what I’d always assumed would happen?