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Why GD is a good if not great leader:

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1) In their hardest years GD led them from the front and took the harsh criticisms for the group from the staff, YG and fans which he would then use to direct the members.  GDYB really led them but GD was the one who had the hardest role, playing devils advocate. 

2) While fans praised the other members they gave GD criticism when the group did not do well, they pushed him to work harder. 

3) He is the main player behind the music that made the group what it is today and he figured out how their voices would work together, when it comes to making music for the group the members defer to his judgement and while there were arguments about their music GD was the one who found a compromise while also making music that fits their strengths and showcases their abilities and for this the members themselves say they let GD handle the group music while they focus on what they want. 

3b) GD treats the members and their opinions with equal respect and doesn’t act like a dictator but allows all of them to give an opinion and discuss the concept of their work so the group work is a group effort even if he does most if the music. 

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3c) GD gave up personal success for the success of the group by letting others have the lyrics and music he wrote and his personal sacrifices helped the group. He puts a lot of work into his music, he sleeps the studio, works all night and goes to schedule in the day so its hard work he gives up and constantly delivers for his group and others. 

4) His first solo work was very successful, beyond expectation and more than the others, although YB helped, it helped maintain the groups status with the public while BigBang was away. 

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5) GD and YB music solo success contributes to the group success, whereas the other members do not to the same extent, by doing well their work helps the other work, as members of the esteemed BigBang do well.  And his solo sucesss is why others still get opportunities to do solos

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5) GD is the most popular member of the group and a icon of the country yet he uses his fame and popularity to promote and bring attention other members work and other people in the companies work. He is not only leader of BigBang but the biggest contributor to the companies success, the worse time for the company was during his 2011 scandal.  His CF deals keep his presence and the presence of the group in the mind of the public. To most Koreans they would not even think of the criticisms international fans come up with, he is the country’s Musical prodigy and he’s relevant outside Kpop.  

6) He was the first to ask fans to donate rather than by him gifts and its from this example that other members (YB) have followed suit. And he has a good image in Korea for being humble and good and caring son and a very charitable person. 

7) He is ready on call when the members have needed help/work for their solo adventures, he has written lyrics and music for Seungri, Daesung and Youngbae, songs which were big hits and helped that members popularity at the time and he worked very well with TOP in making a collaborative album.  No other members has gone out of their way to support the others activities to the same extent GD does, he makes sure their appreciated. 

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8)He also lets each use their talents to help the group, YB or Seungri as the main speaker, he lets TOP write his own raps, and he doesn’t take over the center stage to upstage the members despite proving with his own huge solo stages he could if he wanted. He also does this for other guests he performs with and his skill in balancing the stage (on Kpopstar with TOP and Jimin compared to TTS overshadowing and on IC music festival compared to BOA overshadowing) which makes the stages more enjoyable for the audience.  

8b) All the members are important to the group, all are the reason the group is adored, all contribute massively to the group in skills and emotionally, all the members will is what keeps the group going despite their individual interests and goals. They’re successful individually because they have worked hard at it, being members of BigBang gave them opportunity but it was their efforts that made something of those opportunities. They have strong wills and opinions, would need them to be on top of a very competitive industry and pursue their own things away from the group, to have that and still be together there would be a lot  of love and respect the person called their ‘leader’ and in return GD loves and respects them. They’ve had several chances to disband but they do not. They’re  a group that have matured from boys needing someone to follow to men who know each other very well and bonded by mutual respect and trust. They formed these bonds and connections under hardship, from the bottom to the top in 2 countries and those struggles and the support they gave each other is likely greater than a couple of scandals.

9) All the members are very close to GD and he is the focal point of the group. They’re one of the lucky groups who are actually friends with each other but some bonds are closer than others and GD is pretty tight with all of them on and off stage. 

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10)  Out of all the members GD could very quickly have a successful solo career and not look back. Its often said in Korea he could go solo and for KVIPs he is too good for YG and  but he chooses to stay with the group and the company out of loyalty because he is loyal to his group. His personal success is the groups success and he’s contributed the most to the groups success which has boosted the others careers and opportunities but he’s also there for them as emotional and guiding support. (In recent years he’s not gone to everything or monitored everything publicly like he used to or was advertised like it used to but things are more one top of each other now and they’re all working off in different places.)  

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11) His scandals, the dating scandals, the plagiarism scandals, the stage scandals, the drug scandal, he weathered them all, came out on top and his and BigBang’s image is more indestructible for it. Their not idols that rely on a clean image so a scandal does’t break them easily, its his music and his unclean image that contribute to the groups unique position.  He has the most antis, many who are fans of other groups who like to bring him and BigBang down in the hopes their group will replace them but with the public they’ve moved on and do not care much. Even with the drug sandal, people started to really look into what Marijuana was and got information on his situation to find it was not as bad as some news reporters first made it appear. His 2012 comeback was too early for antis- but not the public. In fact many ignore the journalist for trying to cause issues. Some years he is so popular he is untouchable but even in bad years he’s still highly regarded. 

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12) He continues to be one of the key players that makes the company more internationally known, even if the collaborations with international artists are low key or the invitations private these are valuable connections that help the company and help the group. All the members contribute to this in various countries. He makes his country proud. 

13) BigBang and GD are still considered leaders of ‘younger generation’ people still follow their fashion and style. 

14) He has many personal connections in the industry and is liked by many other respected and loved celebrities, their public support helps him and that in turn helps the group. 

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15) A few things he has done for Seungri: He wrote Seungri’s first hit, Strong baby, in his second solo he was willing to perform and support Seungri’s solo stage in VVIP promotions despite being so sick and feverish the PD stepped in and disallowed it so he could go to hospital, and in the LTAL promotions even though Seungri was pushed in front of him he mentioned Seungri’s album up until Seungri stopped promoting, went to his fan sign he was doing what he could to bring attention to it and help it sell better

16) A few of the things he has done for YB’s career:  mainly written lyrics for him on several occasions and supported his first and second solo by being with him almost throughout in preparation and concerts. YB has voiced on many occasions how valuable GD is in his life. There could be more here but I find their relationship very equal and they do equal amounts for each other. 

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17) A few things he has done for Daesung: again wrote a hit song, helped him write Wings as part of getting Daesung back on stage, was with him the most even before his own scandal broke out (KVIPs), they are friends that come close in hard times and that says a lot for the strength of their trust that in their worst times of shame and guilt its comfortable to be with each other, he went with Daesung on his early variety show guestings (and Seungri too) when they were less confident, he has written lyrics for Daesung’s D’love Japanese album- he doesn’t have to do that but he likes to give to his friends. 

18) A few things he has with TOP: They’re very close behind the scenes, they understand and respect each other a lot and TOP is very protective of GD- he’s protective of the others too mind. TOP is very private and GD in his picture update respects that as proven by others uploading pictures that show for the same event they were together but GD gave no indication of that. He respects TOP as his elder but can speak to him as a leader. He supported ‘Oh Mom’ being included in GD&TOP V1 than another of his solo songs, he’s managed to make an album with TOP and I’ve never seen TOP as happy as when they were first promoting (I think he got a bit bored of High high after the 100th time) and with that album and his movie TOP’s popularity shot up. He always mentions TOP when asked about actors, and is always complimenting even when TOP puts himself down. 

Simply put, having scandals doesn’t make him a bad leader, if anything its helped him and group group stronger and appreciate they care for each other beyond work, even if he says he feels he can’t tell other’s off given his situation (YB can)  that doesn’t make him a bad leader. He as a person his manners, his work ethic, his inspiring nature are good examples to follow. He’s a good leader   because he has earned their respect, love and trust and he is still looked to and listened for guidance, help and support but everyone feels equal and important to the group not his underlings. He used to lead from the front but now he has a balance between leading from the back and the front. I think he’s one of the best music leaders not just in Kpop but compared to most I know of globally. So many groups fall though over selfish headman’s or because they can not compromise, GD lowers himself for the good of the group and works hard when he does wrong, he has all the ideal qualities of a good leader even if he’s just a human with many flaws. 

*Just to know I could write about all the amazing things the others do but this was about GD specifically and what he brings as a leader. Apologies for the grammar and spelling, I was in a rush and could not spell check.