mine: graphs

page 131 - do you have someone on your gift list that likes historical data sets that have proven themselves largely useless as tools for predicting the future? Introducing the make your own graph kit, everything you see here included.


Some more math notes on Quadratics. Wrote some of these in class but I took some pictures and then finish writing it at home. I’m not sure if I understand this concept yet.

I used some sticky graph pads. These are really helpful, I’m so glad I got these. I also got a new scientific calculator because my science teacher suggested I get a new one.

page 111 - I’m really excited about this nation-state possibility because it might have no dungeons.

Here are more possible flags. I don’t know how flags work but I think the blue represents water and sky and the orange is maybe oranges or orange juice. I’m not clear where in the world this country will physically exist but that would probably clear up what the colours mean.

Also, I’m just now realizing it might be more of a metaphorical thing. As in Economia isn’t a place, but a system of rules and dogma that infiltrates the real world, convincing the inhabitants of its rightness and effectively controlling the country/culture as a result.

And that jagged blue thing represents the beautiful mountains.

I’ve been so unproductive recently, really. Maybe these cherries will motivate me! *eats entire bowl and does two questions* ^_^ I’m going to start a Fury Road sketch later, and i’ll post it if it looks decent of the sorts haha

She descended the ramp and walked over to Leia. Leia held Rey’s face in her hands, then embraced her, sharing the girl’s tears.

TFA #6