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Stiles: What’s the “S” stand for, Hale? Supersour? Superbuns?… 

 Oh, I see. Stripper.

Derek: Shut up, Spidey. I’ll squash you out, with my boot.

Stiles: *snorts* Yeah about those, the Spice Girls called and congrats, you now own 5 new pairs!

Derek, glaring: Good luck repairing your suit yourself.

Stiles, scaling a building: Fine by me, but I’m not buying you any more new shirts. I also may have used your cape as bathmat this morning.

Derek, flying up after him: I know. I used your mask to mop the floor.

SuperSpidey!Sterek AU: 

Derek Hale & Stiles Stilinski. The bickering superhero duo who never asked to be paired together, but more often than not found themselves fending off villains side by side. They battled each other every step of the way, scoffing at each other’s tactics, snarking mid-battle as they rid Beacon Hills of evildoers. Some say it’s a miracle the city gets saved at all, but they have yet to be bested. They provide strength to the other’s weakness, built up trust through the trials, unwittingly let love seep in through the cracks of the sassiest of remarks, and save not only the city, but each other in every way.