mine: grand hotel

Vicki Baum (the author of Grand Hotel) for Modern Screen:

If I say that Greta Garbo as the dancer is much better than I expected, that’s not of small consequence. For I expected the utmost. I expected that she’d be Greta Garbo and that would have been enough! But this time she did more than usual. She played, so to speak, two roles. First, the weary, lonely dancer, aching for success–and then the awakened woman experiencing a great love. I’ve always maintained that the ability to transform one’s self constitutes great acting.

Grand Hotel - Death Note 

I’m not putting this under a cut because it’s not complete and also… I’m really proud of it. If it comes up multiple times on your dash, pressing “j” should skip to the next post. I’ll also tag it “grand hotel” so people can block if they like. 

This is based in Em and Rene’s verse (as always! What can I say, I love their work) and while it doesn’t fit as well as some lyric art I make, I kept seeing it whenever I listened to the song. 

I made this when I was so tired of winter I felt like I needed to fill it with spring. 


We reached the 2,000 followers mark! Thank you all so much for the follow and continued support for this little blog over the past few years! Even though Gran Hotel and Velvet have both ended, there’s still so much left to GIF and discuss as more and more people are discovering these two gems that Spain has given us. Not to mention Velvet Collection that is still to come! So here’s to the future :)

Also as a special thank you, @northbndtrain and I are working on an unofficial Velvet soundtrack. So stay tuned for that.