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“Did it ever occur to you that I might be the one who deserves your confidence and your trust, not your sons? Not Jaime or Tyrion, but me? Years and years of lectures on family and legacy, the same lecture, really just with tiny, tedious variations. Did it ever occur to you that your daughter might be the only one listening to them, living by them? That she might have the most to contribute to your legacy that you love so much more than your actual children?”

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beth and her cat headcanons? or beth + cats?

  • Beth is the biggest cat person ever, if she could adopt all the cats she crosses path with, she would. So it’s not a surprise the first thing she did when she got her first appartment was, in fact, adopt a cat. His name is Piper and he hates people, which is great for her, because she hates people too.
  • Piper is reluctantlyto her at first, he is a senior cat and is really fat. Beth follows his diet the same way she works on coding, like a religion, and sometimes she thinks Piper hates her more for that, but is for his own good.
  • Slowly, she wins Piper’s trust. She thinks it may have happened a day he couldn’t breath good and she stayed with him all the time at the vet, she noticed the cat let her pet him more often after that and that he was more relaxed in the apartment.
  • There was a couple of weeks when she tried to change Piper’s name to Cinnamon, since he really likes the smell of it, always calm when she lights a candle with that scent, and so. But like I say, he is a senior cat and it didn’t work and she kept calling him Piper when she forgot, so meh.
  • When she brings people to the apartment, especially guys she may think of date, the cat loses it and is mean to them. He doesn’t let anyone touch Beth, she belongs to him.
  • But the moment he met Chris? He loved the doctor. Or maybe he realized Chris is allergic and decided to slowly kill him, any of the options is actually kind of right.
  • She tried one to adopt another kitten, but Piper don’t like it and fought the other cat all the time. She ended giving the cat to her mother, so she still sees him when she visits.

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If paps are always called, then why the fuck did Harry have to take paps to court to get them to stay away from his house? And the countless other lawsuits against paps from other celebs who have had to do the same thing? Why don't they just STOP calling them? Yeah.

GREAT QUESTION. This idea that paparazzi don’t lurk and harass celebrities is just so observably ridiculous? Larries act like any evidence that set ups between celebs and paps happens means it happens exclusively or at least almost all the time… that’s not at all borne out by the evidence, even the articles they themselves are quoting. 

Paparazzi work and wait to get photos of celebrities who aren’t looking to get photographed, and they’re interested in celebrities with children and celebrities with interesting personal lives. That makes Louis, and by extension but to a lesser extent Danielle and Briana (when she’s with Freddie), reasonable targets for paparazzi, which means there’s no way to declare it absolutely certain that paparazzi have been called to photograph them. We don’t know, and it’s just as plausible that they were not - if not more so, given how Louis has actively requested that paparazzi not bother him when he’s with his son.


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