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someone: so then this guy matt-

me: matt boyd? matthew donovan boyd? a living breathing angel? my pure boy? a literal ray of sunshine? the gentle giant? protector of all things good? the only man I would ever trust with my heart? yeah? what about him?

everything, by design.


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Gone Series: Finale

So it’s May 31st; the last day with the Gone Series as my theme. Honestly, I’m quite disappointed with my lack of posts, but happy with what I have done. The Gone Series is my all time favourite book series hands-down, and who knows, maybe I’ll follow up and do it again in a few months, because I feel even this won’t be enough closure. Well, let’s get on with it then…

Why the Gone Series  made me cry  caused me to discover a new way of seeing life  is the GREATEST LITERARY SERIES EVER WRITTEN!

I’m going to be blunt with my reasons, and then explain them after:

  1. Grant did what no author has ever done to me before: made me actually feel hatred for a character, more importantly not the protagonist.
  2. He created a world where every reader would somehow wish they lived within, despite it being the epitome of hell itself.
  3. He blended real life situations with fantasy perfectly, not letting up at any point.
  4. He blended every possible genre into one; something very few authors before him have managed to successfully pull off
  5. You could easily relate to and understand the wants and fears of every character.


  1. Drake Merwin. God do I love Drake Merwin, and by love, I mean despise to the core. I love the character Grant created, but I hate the character, which is exactly what Grant wanted. He didn’t want Drake to just be another Voldemort who is only after one hero. He created a sadistic, ruthless psychopath that preyed on anything and anyone who got in his way, regardless of whether they were with him or not. That’s what made him so hate-able; the fact that under no circumstances could you side with him. Anyone could become a Sith Lord or a Death Eater, but no one willingly chose to become the ally of Drake Merwin. Even Caine ended up ‘killing’ him. Drake, my friends, is the greatest literary villain ever devised, or at least so far…
  2. The FAYZ: a playground to some, but a graveyard to others. Most readers, myself included, were constantly thinking “Oh boy, if I lived in the FAYZ (with powers of course), it would be like heaven, y'know, without all the killing and stuff.” Obviously every single one of us overlooked the whole 'bullies rule the known universe, people are getting killed by farming etc. etc., but still, everyone wanted to be part of the FAYZ, to the point at which you’d have to sit down, remind yourself the whole thing was nothing more than the extravagant idea of a talented middle-aged man and cry for a bit. No? Just me? Oh well.
  3. What I’m talking about in this one is the whole “We’re fourteen year olds who have created our own political system and are surviving,”, like a traditional Lord Of The Flies-esque novel, while incorporating alien beings, mutated animals and humans, and a translucent wall that is, by all means, the edge of the universe. Honestly, before picking up Gone, I read the blurb and thought to myself: “pfft! No adults? This is just some money-making scam!” Grant then changed my view, and turned a heavily used cliche into a beautiful work of fiction. Even now, when I advertise the book to my friends, they laugh when I say that there are no adults in the story, but the book did it for me, so who really cares about them?
  4. While branded as Sci-Fi, the Gone Series has everything. Action, Adventure, Romance, Horror, Mystery, Comedy, you name it, it’s there. Other than this, I have not read a single book that has successfully pulled this off. Name another book that has it all and is still such an enjoyable read? I bet my right nut you won’t name one with as much character as this.
  5. By this last one, I mean that all the characters have very real intentions based on their character. Sam, the reclusive surfer dude, just wants to relax and have no responsibility, while Caine, an egocentric power-crazed born-leader, spurred on by anger, who wants nothing more than to be in charge. Obviously moods and personalities change throughout, but so do their intentions with it, which makes the whole situation seem so much more real

So there we have it: my final act as recorder of the FAYZ. Chances are I’ll return to it at a later date, but not for a good six months or so. Looking back through my more important posts, how do you think I did? 

June’s topic shall be: Why I Decided To Become A Writer 

Goodbye for now, FAYZ-fans, and I hope you’ll still read my posts, because I can assure you, there are a lot of references in my next month’s posts.

I’ll leave you with a quote:

“Sadism: The enjoyment of another person’s pain." - Diana

"Words don’t scare me.” - Drake
“You wouldn’t be a psychopath if they did, Drake.” - Diana


“Welcome to Perdido beach, where our motto is: Radiation, what radiation?” - Quinn