mine: glee

After seeing Blaine propose to Kurt, Sebastian is… distraught. He realizes that in many ways he is responsible for Blaine never loving him, but he also wishes he had the chance to know Blaine before Kurt. In fact, he feels like he has to know how things would have turned out if it wasn’t his destiny to fail. He finds a professor, Dr. Andrews, and asks him questions about time travel. Andrews reveals that in fact he has a way to change the past, and although he warns Sebastian about a high cost, Sebastian takes the opportunity. Thus, Sebastian is plopped down into a universe where he transferred to Dalton at the beginning of Blaine’s sophomore year, before Kurt, but quickly alienated Blaine and so must earn his forgiveness. Now, he just has to shift the course of destiny further, and hope that it doesn’t destroy him and Blaine in the process.