mine: girlfriends*

She’s got this scar,
Ever so delicately placed across her right cheek bone.
I bet most people don’t even notice it,
But I spend hours admiring her little blemish,
I can’t help but find beauty in all of her flaws.
When she’s crying and can’t stop,
I want nothing more than to wipe her tears-
Hold her tight, even if her world is crumbling
I love the parts of her that change with her mood,
The way her eyes soften to a light green as tears crawl down the side of her cheeks
I love the way I can tell when she’s anxious-
When she averts her eyes and avoids eye contact, even with me.
I love the way her upper lip curls
And the depth of her eyes speak so loudly
I always know which emotion she’s feeling in that exact moment
I love the comfort she feels with me,
When her whole world feels like it’s swallowing her whole-
I am the one she texts,
I love that she fights sleep in evenings,
Because she never wants to hang up on FaceTime.
I find so much beauty in the little things,
So much worth just in the way you try your best to get out of bed in the mornings.
I love the way you know yourself-
The way you let me know you too.
Baby, if you start to spiral
I’ll meet you at the bottom and walk up 30 flights of stairs with you.
If that still isn’t enough I’d walk up 100 flights of stairs just to hold your hand through the ever fading darkness.
I love your flaws, I love your perfections, I love absolutely everything about you.
And I promise I’ll always do my best to love the parts that cause our fights,
That cause anger to boil beneath my flesh,
I promise to always try to love the best parts of you and the worst.
I’ll keep choosing you;
Through the good and through the bad.
Darling, I wake up every morning searching for the warmth of your body next to mine. Instead, I have to settle for words- hoping you can feel how heavy the weight of your absence weighs on my chest. I can’t explain it, but my soul aches to be with yours. I crave you so deeply my insides hurt, you are the flame setting fire to my insides. I hope that never goes away.