mine: girlfriends*

Signs as girlfriends

Aries: very protective, can get jealous, lots of touching, seems shy but actually very aggressive, tries to wrestle you but ends up making out, jaw and neck kisses, wraps their arm around your waist all the time

Taurus: lots of giggling, loves tight hugs, holds your hand all the time, bakes cookies for you, cares about you a lot even if she doesn’t show it as much, wants attention, very quirky and fun to be with

Gemini: knows how to turn you on, likes to leave hickies, gives you annoyingly cute nicknames, rests their head on your shoulder, likes ruffling your hair, likes to take control, likes spooning

Cancer: seeks approval, good at making out, cares about you a lot, big hearted, likes just being in your presence, tries to seduce you but ends up giggling, wants to cuddle all the time

Leo: super flirty, wants to show you off, will talk with you all night, isn’t afraid to belt out songs in front of you, lots of pda, has a folder of photos of just you on their phone

Virgo: wants to push boundaries but is shy/inexperienced, wants to be protected, eyebrow raises, dances crazily to your favorite songs, best friend and lover, makes suggestive jokes to tease you

Libra: very charming, knows how to make your knees weak, tells you how hot you are everyday, likes corny romantic dates, makes you watch chick flicks, happy with a simplistic relationship

Scorpio: steals your clothes, breathes in your scent, seduces you easily, likes sitting on your lap, gets to know you deeply, has lots of inside jokes with you, traces all your curves and admires your entire body

Sagittarius: super chill, wants to try new things with you, likes to let you take control sometimes, loves being wrapped up in you, admires your butt a lot, likes watching sunsets with you

Capricorn: lots of witty banter, will challenge you to think, likes watching movies with you, will lie in bed with you all day, out of the blue acts of love, teaches you new things

Aquarius: innocent and carefree, will beat you in your favorite video game, makes dirty jokes, will just stare at your face in love, dresses up for you, tells others how much they love you,

Pisces: makes you little gifts, lip bites, sends you cheesy texts, lots of light kisses on the hand, cheek, forehead, tells you how awesome you are, tells you all her dreams and ambitions

Lgbt characters in Doctor Who

Doctor who isn´t perfect but it has some representation. What makes this little amount of representation so important  is that it´s a family show. A lots of kids watch doctor who. Although some characters are less explicit than others  at least the show doesn´t pretend the whole universe is heterosexual.

1) Captain Jack Harkness (omnisexual)

 He even kissed THE MAIN CHARACTER wich is a big deal for tv at the time it was aired .

2) Ianto Jones (bisexual) Doctor who/Torchwood
A BISEXUAL CHARACTER people HE WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A WOMAN AND AFTER SHE DIED HE FELT IN LOVE WITH JACK. this was in Torchwood series but i think its important. 

Captain Jack and Ianto had an openly relationship

3) May and Alice Cassini ( a married old lesbian couple) 

episode: Gridlock

4) Sky Silvestry (lesbian)
she talks about her wife with the tenth doctor.
episode: Midnight

5) Alonso Frame

The Doctor presented this character to Captain Jack and it´s implicit that he’s gay or bisexual.

6) Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint (lesbian married couple)

this interspecies kiss was between two canon lesbian couple and it wasnt even a real kiss because they did it to survive but people went mad because it is a kid´s show. fuck those people.
7) River Song (omnisexual)

she mentioned she married with women and men.

8) Clara Oswald (bisexual)
we´ve seen her with a boyfriend and her crush with the doctor but she also often made comentaries about she kissing Jane Austen or liking girls. EVEN IF a PERSON NEVER KISSED A SAME SEX PERSON OR LIKES ONLY ONE SAME SEX PERSON THAT MAKES THEM BISEXUAL PEOPLE so yes, she is.

9) The Doctor (omnisexual and none binary)

MAIN CHARACTER, his sexuality was always a mistery but now we know for sure 

and as the next doctor is a women and his whole race is none binary, its confirmed he´s too.

some highlights;

they are inocent kisses but being such an old and important character in british culture its really important. He´s a role model for many little children.

10) The Master/Missy (omnisexual and none binary)

11) some romans in the episode the eaters of light

All of them bisexuals and one was gay

12) Canton

He was in love with a black man and wanted to  marry him but it wasnt legal at the time.

13) The  gay married Anglican marine couple from A man goes to war episode

14) Heather (Lesbian)

Doctor´s companion love interest.
15) Bill Potts (lesbian)

She isnt just an openly lesbian who happens to be a POC companion but also she is so proud and keeps saying she´s gay in every episode. i love her. She´s so real. She´s the represantion we deserve.



After seeing season 10 fiinale with two inmortal girlfriends traveling trought space together i have so many high expectatives for next seasons and lgbt representation.