mine: ginny x harry

  • Harry: I made this friendship bracelet for you.
  • Draco: You know I'm not really a jewelry person.
  • Harry: You don't have to wear it.
  • Draco: No, I'm gonna wear it forever. Back off.

Hinny (Ginny × Harry)
Hogwarts Pairings 4/?


Make Me Choose: Jily or Hinny - for @snowginny

“And he knew that at that moment, they understood each other perfectly, and when he told her what he was going to do now, she would not say ‘be careful’ or ‘don’t do it’, but she would accept his decision because she would not have expected anything less of him.”

Drarry headcanons
  •  Harry loves to embarrass Draco by flaunting their relationship in public with massive amounts of little kisses and petting
  • Draco is self conscious because Harry is slightly taller than him and Harry never stops teasing him about it
  • Even though they’re dating they still are incredibly competitive when it comes to quidditch and whenever Slytherin and Gryffindor have a match the trash talk gets intense. 
  • Draco and Harry have hooked up in the locker room multiple times
  • Once for a date Harry took Draco to the great lake for a swim
  • Draco wouldn’t get in the water because it was mid autumn and freezing cold
  • Harry tried to show off for his boyfriend by doing tricks
  • Draco just laughed as Harry tried (and failed) to do flips and kissed him when he finally got out
  • The next morning was filled with many “I told you so”s from Draco when Harry woke up with a bad cold
  • But of course he took care of him
  • The hardest thing about their relationship was being in different houses because they couldn’t see each other as much as they wanted
  • Their relationship inspired the younger kids at hogwarts because it showed that it was ok to be openly gay and that it was ok for slytherins and gryffindors to be close
  • veeeeeery close
  • It even inspired pansy and ginny to go public with their relationship. 
  • drarry and pinny were the two power couples at hogwarts and if anyone ever talked shit about their friends the four of them would let loose their wrath
  • And no one shipped them more than dumbledore and mcgonagall 

         they say that time’s supposed to heal you,
                  but i ain’t done much healing…         (insp.)