mine: ginny x harry

luna lovegood bites her nails when she’s deep in thought (which is always) and ginny makes it her mission to break the habit

she tries holding her hands, intertwining their fingers, holding her close (but you can’t hold hands forever, unfortunately)

she offers to paint luna’s nails (she even buys the kind that imitates the sky, changing from day to night in real time) but she’s actually terrible at manicures

when luna goes to bite, sometimes she takes her hand and kisses each fingertip to distract luna for a little while

she eventually makes luna a bracelet (inspired by the jewelry hermione sometimes wore) that had trinkets meant for chewing

luna loves it and ginny actually learns how to paint her nails for when they’re long enough

What does dating Luna Lovegood mean (a list by Ginny Weasley):

  • You will get a flower crown at least once a week.
  • Your flat will be full of color and too many pillows.
  • Matching clothes. You will get lots of cool sunglasses.
  • Sweet nothings and weird nicknames.
  • One attempt to get a pet a month. It never works.
  • Books in bed, books on bed, books under bed.
  • Braiding and pretty hairstyles. You should definitely try to steal some of her too pretty hairclips.
  • Lots of herbal tea, too sweet for your taste.
  • Drinking the poshest wine you could get in your very not posh flat at nights.
  • Spending hours talking about mermaids and sea. You think she’s a real mermaid too.
  • Changing walls’ color every week to match the mood.
  • Long autumn walks hand in hand. She cringes at the bitter taste of coffee and you kiss her.
  • Pillow fights.
  • Trying to get used to her dying her hair in the most ridiculous colors without any warning.
  • Glitter in all of your stuff. Eventually, you love glitter.
  • The best support at quidditch matches.
  • So many blankets that someone might think you live in a fridge. They all have different patterns as well.
  • You become professional at making fruit salads because she loves fruits to death.
  • Jumping off a cliff into a lake at midnight. 
  • Teaching her to fly. You know she can fly and yet regularly asks you to teach her. You never say no.
  • Wishing you could write love poetry for her.
  • Her smile means the world to you.
  • You’re so in love that it almost hurts.
  • Chances are, you are dating the most wonderful girl on the Earth.

Make Me Choose: Jily or Hinny - for @snowginny

“And he knew that at that moment, they understood each other perfectly, and when he told her what he was going to do now, she would not say ‘be careful’ or ‘don’t do it’, but she would accept his decision because she would not have expected anything less of him.”

During the Eighth year, a lot of things changed for Harry.
The first one was his relationship with Ginny. She was the Perfect Girlfriend, but not for him. They both figured it out as soon as Luna came back and started hanging out with the red headed girl more and more. Harry and Ginny weren’t made for eachother. They decided that being just friends was good enough.
The second was his relationship with his friends. They treated him differently. Now he was a hero and his fame increased after he defeated Voldemort, so everyone behaved like he was some sort of God. He kinda hated that. He was still Harry, just with a bunch of new scars. They all had new scar, they all lost friends and family that night. His losses weren’t any different.
The third and most important one was with Draco. He made amend, then came back to Hogwarts and started a new life. With his father in Azkaban, Draco finally let himself free of the chains the man imposed on him. He wasn’t the spoiled, poshy kid that treated everyone like shit. He was a sad man who had made very wrong choices to protect his family. Harry didn’t blame him, he understood why Draco did what he did.
So he started talking to him. At first it was casual chat when they met in the Eighth year’s dorm. Then it was a bunch of whispered words during class, that soon became bad jokes and genuine interest in what the other had to say.
They grew attached to one another. Draco didn’t treat Harry differently and Harry didn’t treat Draco like a criminal. They felt normal when they spent time together.
And Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived and later defeated the Dark Lord, discovered why his relationship with Ginny couldn’t work. Harry liked guys. Blond guys with grey eyes and chaos in their soul. But he couldn’t just tell his former arch-enemy he fancied him. He would lost him and he couldn’t allow that.
So they kept spending time together; Harry managed to bury his feelings for Draco and act like he didn’t feel the urge to grasp Draco’s perfectly ironed shirt and kiss him senseless every time they guy smiled at all.
Then the end of the year approached, and with it Draco’s birthday. Harry could not for the love of him find a present for the blond.
Draco had everything he needed, he was still rich, after all. What could Harry give him?
His last resort was to ask the only thing that could really know what Draco really needed. So, on the 5th of June, he went to the Seventh Floor and walked three times in front of the tapestry depicting the attempt of Barnabas the Barmy to teach trolls ballet, asking the Room of Requirements what Draco wanted for his birthday. What he really felt the need for.
When the door appeared, he cautiously opened it and peeked inside. The Room was very small and in the middle of it stood a mirror. Harry at first didn’t understood what that meant. Draco had a mirror, it was on his side of the dorm’s room… why would the Room…? Oh.
He was what Draco wanted.
His feelings were requited.
He ran down the corridors, nearly tripping down the stairs and hitting Merlin knows how many students. He shouted apologies to everyone but didn’t stop. All this time Draco felt the same! So why did he not tell him? No one cared about this kind of things anymore. Dean and Seamus kissed and walked hand in hand all the time since the were reunited before the Battle. Was he stopped by the same fears as him?
Well, that didn’t matter anymore. When he barged in the common room of their arranged dorm, he found the man he find himself in love with sitted on one of the sofas, reading a book peacefully. He nearly jumped in front of him, startling the poor Draco.
《I thought about your present for days, and I couldn’t come up with anything except this so, I’ll make it quick: this is probably the most insane thing I’ll ever utter in my whole life but I think I’m love with you and I think you at least fancy me so…》he blurted out to a speechless Draco and then kissed him. It was just lips pressing on lips, but for Harry it was the best thing that could happen to him. And when Draco parted his lips to deepen the kiss, smiling on the brunet’s mouth, he knew he had found the perfect gift.
《You’re out of your mind, Harry Potter. That’s probably why I love you.》Draco whispered when they parted and they both smiled at the other.

Many things changed for Harry Potter during Eighth year. He let the girl he thought he loved be free to love the weirdest and most adorable girl in the world. He was praised as an hero for the whole year. He found love in an enemy.
After all, going back to school wasn’t that bad of an idea.

{As usual, sorry if I made any mistakes. English is my third language and I keep mixing idioms :‘3 tell me if there’s any}


Because no matter what  I love these two soooo much (:

I would probably die of happiness if burdge really notices this, in case it was drawn for her…asdffghjkl  I really don’t know what to say I just in love with her drawings and I started reading HP perhaps just because of her art and the fact she’s still drawing and posting Harry Potter stuff is just amazing. awww why do i always not know what to write

ginny & luna started dating almost as soon as they became friends because they were It for each other

ginny loved everything about luna: her smile, her soft laugh, her compassion, her confidence in herself, and all the magical creatures she believed in (they once spent an entire evening searching the greenhouse for some sort of twig spirit? they were supposedly very skilled potions masters)

and luna loved how different ginny was from her: the brashness, the fire, the temper, her athleticism, but her soft side too

sometimes luna would let ginny write quibbler articles with her & those times were some of her fondest memories

ginny believed in her like no one else did & the way her eyes would light up when luna would tell her about a new creature or how ginny would remember a random fact made luna feel so much love she could cast her patronus a thousand times without getting tired

it became a common sight to see luna braiding odd things into ginny’s hair & for ginny to lend luna scarves & sweaters & everything inbetween

And he knew that at that moment, they understood each other perfectly, and when he told her what he was going to do now, she would not say ‘be careful’ or ‘don’t do it’, but she would accept his decision because she would not have expected anything less of him.