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‘Produce 101′ Hunger Games Edition [part 1: the bloodbath]

Yes, you heard right



World of the Hunger Games is such a lovely place, where everybody losing their hope 

and eventually dying


E v e r y o n e

Expect one person

Guess who


The winner

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Well, now you can choose your own fighter from the list below

And begin to play

It all starts with


Okey, what will they do?

Well done Jisung

Not bad, Seokhoon-ssam

I wonder what the others will do

Yep, that’s my son

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I heard strange noise

Oh no

Shit, Dan, what’s wrong with you?

The most dangerous woman is active now

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Let’s see what will happen next day


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Anyway, the other girls probably not so bloodthirsty


Then, that’s about our white tiger?

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‘Yeah~~~, Hyuns will support ya, Moonbok~a’


It’s time to sum up the results of today
Only one loss

It doesn’t matter how were you sad bc of Sungwoon’s death, remember that you have the opportunity


Choose someone else

*evil laugh*

Enough for today, I think
Next post will be much bigger, i promise

See ya soon!

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I miss the Black Letters on Mario & Luigi's Caps and Luigi's visible Socks from SuperStar Saga to Bowser's inside Story :( to be honest i preferd that design over the Main Mario games character design

ya the Mario & Luigi art style is my fave and i wish to perfect it someday and make a 2d animated cartoon of them, its not likely to happen but a girl can dream