mine: gale hawthorne


-warm hugs

-strong hugs

-hugs where he lifts you off the ground

-just lots of hugs

-he would like to play with your hands


-lying on the ground and looking at the sky

-he would be traditional, you know?

-like he’d wake up before you to make you breakfast

-or if you woke up first he’d wake up and come stand behind you, arms wrapping around your waist with his head on your shoulder, watching you cook

-he would totally have cute names for you, i dunno, i see him as a ‘hey honey’ kinda guy

-he would have a thing for having his arm over your shoulders

-or having his hands comfortably on your waist

-he’d love kissing your neck

-and telling you how much he loves you


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Gale’s “Proposal”

“We could do it, you know.” – This feels like he’s jumping in the middle of a thought. One that’s been running on repeat in his mind all night and all morning and it just bursts out of him.

“Gale says quietly.” – When is our boy ever “quiet”?? I think we are getting a glimpse of what is really on his heart right now. Just as Katniss wears a mask to protect herself and hide her vulnerability, I think Gale does the same thing. He might discuss ideas, rant against the Capitol, but right here right now he’s cracking his heart open for Katniss to see.

“Leave the district. Run off. Live in the woods. You and I, we could make it,” says Gale. – WE, YOU and I. As Katniss states in a moment, he could have any girl for the choosing. But he chooses Katniss. Entrusts her with this crazy idea he had that’s probably been running in his mind for weeks or months even, but he never knew just quite how to say it or approach it, knowing his friend is skittish when it comes to emotional things and how likely she is to run away or shut down if he tries to get too close.

“If we didn’t have so many kids,” he adds quickly. – He’s already anticipated her response and is probably kicking himself now. Embarassed. She’d never leave w/o her mother and Prim. And how could he leave his family? But for a moment, freedom was something he could imagine. And sharing that freedom with his best friend.

“I might [want kids]. If I didn’t live here,” says Gale – It’s impressive that after everything, Gale is thinking about the future he’s putting some treasured hopes out there, for freedom, marriage, kids. He’s got 42 slips in the bowl this reaping and no false illusions of being safe. So I think these things are on his mind because he wants to escape it, he’s wondering, what if I get reaped and have to go to the Capitol, it’s his last chance to let Katniss know how he feels about her, and how he’s felt about her for the past six months though he couldn’t figure out how or when to tell her.

She snaps at him and he snaps back. In her shock and surprise at the sudden turn to sentimentality and hinting at marriage and kids, Katniss shuts Gale down and has unwittingly trampled on her friends heart. He drops the sensitive topic, they hunt, gather, trade and go on with their day. There’s no pressure, no nagging, no manipulation. Just his offering, her rejection, and hunting and resuming things as normal.

He does really well considering he’s just as young and immature as she is, and I don’t know if he had all that many people to confide in, so I don’t know if he’s been able to talk about his growing feelings for Katniss with his mother or a friend or anything.


Imagine: Volunteering to take Gale’s place when he is being whipped.

For: Anon

Warning: Kinda violent!

You trudge towards the square through the snow. You’re completely lost in thought, you and your boyfriend, Gale, had gotten into yet another fight. Ever since Katniss and Peeta had come back from the games, Gale had been quite distracted and it had started pushing your buttons a bit.

Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard a strange whistling noise, followed by the sound of a sharp impact. You look up and see a crowd of people gathered by the square. Some are whispering, while others are wincing and looking away.

You spot your friend, Y/F/N, standing in the crowd, she looks quite pained, her eyes widen when she sees you and she look away.

“What’s going on Y/F/N?!” You question, beginning to feel worried.

“Y/N, you shouldn’t be here,” She whispers, you groan and push past her.

You approach the centre of the square and see a familiar figure tied against a pillar. A man, who you assume is the new peacekeeper, raises a whip and strikes. The person cries out in pain and lifts his head, you gasp, “Gale!”

Your heart drops and you feel your lunch from earlier crawling back up your throat. You sprint up and step in front of him, taking the full brunt of the next blow against your cheek.

“Y/N,” Gale moans painfully, “leave, please.”

“Get out of the way girl!” The peacekeeper states aggressively.

“No, I-I…” You shut your eyes, making a split second decision you whisper, “Th-the law says I can relieve him of his punishment.”

Gale lifts his head up, his eyes filled with fear, “Y/N don’t… I’m begging you.”

The peacekeeper looks incredibly amused, “You know that means you have to take the punishment princess?”

“I-I know.”

“There’s still 8 flogs left darling, he’s only gotten 2.”

You sigh before announcing, “I, Y/N Y/L/N, am relieving Gale Hawthrone of his punishment.”

There’s a collective gasp in the crowd, and Gale weakly protests as he’s pulled away by another peacekeeper. You are tied in Gales place. You shut your eyes when  the peacekeeper reels his whip up, you grind your teeth as you hear the whistle of whip as it comes down, and you scream out in agony as the smooth leather tears through the fabric of your shirt and meets your skin.

You feel like your back is on fire, the harsh wind around makes the sensation even more painful.

The sensation continues for another 7 times, the first four are twice as painful than the ones before. Your back is numb for the final three, and you feel yourself slipping out of consciousness.

You open your eyes painfully, your cheek, as well as the rest of your body screams out in agony as you try to move. You’re lying in the Everdeen house, in Victors’ Village, with a pile of snow on your back. Gale shoots awake from beside you, “Stop Y/N, don’t move.”

You turn your head to face him, the sadness in his eyes pains you even further, “Gale…”

“Why Y/N? What were you thinking?!”

“I saw that look on his face, he would have killed you and made it look like an accident Gale, I volunteered because I knew he’d go easier on me.”

He sighs, running his hand through his hair, “Goddamn it Y/N, dont ever pull something stupid like that again!”

“Gale,” You reach up and touch his face, “I’m sorry.”

“I love you so much; if anything had happened to you I would have never forgiven myself!” He places a delicate kiss against your mouth, careful not to hurt you.

“I love you too Gale.”

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You’re Forgiven

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  Sooo, reckon you can spare a moment to write another Gale one shot pretty please? ;) A one shot where they have a really bad fight and she storms away (she is hot headed) and the next day she is caught by peacekeepers for ‘assaulting’ them or something so she gets a punishment of public whipping like gale or something. Then he tries to make up and take care of her and he like runs his fingers over the scars and yeah. Sorry if you don’t wanna do that, you can just do one where he gets sick.

A/N: I’m alive! I’m soo sorry for the lack of updates. School resumed so I was and still am a mess. I’m going to try to write as many request as I can! xxx 

“Screw you Gale Hawthorne!” you screamed, removing yourself from his grasp and leaving his house.

You and him were having a very, very heated fight. It started off as a simple conversation, but it escalated very quickly. Today he was supposed to meet up with you to go for a walk around the good side of District 12. But of course, he blew you off because he was ‘helping’ Katniss. The thing that really bothered you was the fact that he blew you off continuously, using the same excuse. Every. Single. Time. “I’m sorry I couldn’t come today, Katniss needed me.”

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For: Anon


Imagine: Being the eldest Everdeen sister, you’re absolutely broken after Prim’s death. Your boyfriend Gale decides to take you to District 2 to take care of you and build a new life for yourselves.

You sit outside, staring off into the woods in District 13, the war was over, Snow was dead, President Coin was dead, your little sister, Prim was dead, and you, you wished you were dead. You feel a hand rest on your shoulder as someone sits down next to you, you don’t need to turn to see that it’s your boyfriend Gale, “Have you eaten Y/N?”

“No, I’m not hun-”

“How long are you going to be ‘not hungry’? Seriously Y/N, you haven’t eaten since, never mind, the point is that you need to eat,” Gale insists.

“Gale why are you here?” You sigh, feeling exhausted.

“I’m leaving,” You look up to him shocked, leaving? “I was offered a job in District 2 with Beetee; it’s an amazing opportunity for me Y/N.”

“So you’re going to leave me too?” You ask spitefully, you know you shouldn’t be angry at Gale, you didn’t want to blame him for Prim’s death, especially since your younger sister, Katniss, already did, but you couldn’t help it. As much as you loved Gale, it was impossible for you to not blame him a little.

“No, this is what I wanted to talk to you about, Katniss is moving back to District 12 with Peeta, I-I was wondering if you’d,” He pauses, being careful not to say anything wrong, “if you’d be willing to come with me?”

“You want me to leave my only remaining family and move to a whole new district with you?”

“I could be your family. I love you so much Y/N, and I know you’re hurt, and I know I’m partially to blame for it, bu-but I can’t live without you Y/N, please come with me.”

“I-I don’t know Gale,” You say before getting up to leave.

“Y/N-” He calls after you, but you interrupt him without turning back around.

“Alright Gale, I’ll come with you,” You say before you continue walking. Of course, you wanted go with him, but at the same time, you felt like you were betraying your family.

Gale comes hugs you from behind as you cook dinner, “Hey sweetheart.”

“Hey Gale, how was work?” He smiles against your neck.

“Good,” He pauses, “But not as good as being here with you.”

You and Gale have been living in your new house for just over a month, Gale has been helping you through everything and at times you’ve even felt happy, however, you do miss your family, insanely. You can’t help but wonder what Katniss is doing back in District 12 as you set the table for dinner. You’re finally distracted from your thoughts as Gale’s story about Beetee’s amazing new idea consumes you.

After dinner you’re sitting in your’s and Gale’s shared bedroom reading a novel when your boyfriend walks in, “Y/N, can I ask you something?”

You look up from your book and shift over, giving Gale space to sit, but he remains standing and takes your hand, “When I brought you here, I told you that I would be your family, I told you that I didn’t want to live without you, and that stands true Y/N, I just want to make it official.”

Before the words can sink in, he gets down on his knee and pulls out a small, simple ring, “I know it’s not much, bu-but will you marry me Y/N?”

“Gale,” You gasp, trying to hold back the tears, “Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!”

He puts the delicate ring on your finger and examine it, “Do you like it?”

“Of course! I love it Gale, and I love you,” You pull him up from the ground and onto the bed.

“I love you too Y/N,” He says before pulling you in for a kiss.

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roses are red, roses are white

This is a Wars of the Roses Hunger Games AU.

I’ve had to take certain liberties with the actual history of the Wars of the Roses (especially the dates) as well as with some of the HG characters (namely their ages), for this to work. Still, I hope you enjoy it, because as a giant history nerd, this is something I’ve been dying to write!

roses are red, roses are white
a king of death and blood and bones

Madge of Bedford is born to an England on the cusp of war, soon to run red with its own rebellious blood.

The year is 1453 and her mother falls terribly ill, nearly dies in childbed. Midwives rush about in a panic as the Duchess of Bedford turns ghostly pale, blood pooling on the floor and outside, Madge’s father the Duke paces along the stone floors of the hall, worry gnawing at his nerves.

The healthy, screaming child is hurried away from her dying mother and the nurse that attends to her cannot hide her disappointment that the wilting Duchess couldn’t have given her husband a son and heir. What use will a small daughter have to so great a lord?

(greater than you could imagine)

The Duchess of Bedford does not die, manages to cling feebly to life but the midwives and physicians are clear, she will have no more children.

The newly christened Madge of Bedford will be her parents’ only legacy.

(and what a legacy it will be)

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