mine: from pups to wolves

Pack Hierarchy

As everyone knows there are different “positions” in a dog pack: alpha, beta, gamma/delta, epsilon, zeta, iota, kappa, and omega. I’ve been asked on multiple occasions “How do I know where I fall on the chart?”. Well, here this is a post to help decipher the differences between the four main positions. If your pack is larger, you can incorporate the other positions into your hierarchy and assess the differences on your own. 

ALPHA: no one is above them, takes charge, leader mentality, stern, demands respect once it’s earned, most dominant, protective, strong, refined, respects others but will not be swayed from their position, understanding, urges their pack members to explore and learn

BETA: will take charge when need be, loyal, versatile, will allow someone above them (an Alpha) when respect is earned or when they are forced from their position, obedient, independent when alone, reserved, determined, will challenge their Alpha

GAMMA/DELTA: can take charge but normally doesn’t want to, friendly, wise, doesn’t mind sharing their position with someone of equal status, problem-solver, good friends with their equal, fluctuates between dominant and submissive, quirky, unique, usually younger

OMEGA: (there can be more than one omega in a pack) does not like to take charge, shy, playful, energetic, enjoys someone being above them, treats everyone as their superior, can be annoying and knows it, comic-relief, skittish, easily scared, childish

[ * this is based off my own personal experiences and can differ from person to person ]