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okay so should I do something like a video or something I don’t even KNOW 400 PEOPLE WHAT IS THIS

See these people? They are absolutely amazing and make me smile every day. I love each and every one of them and you should definitely follow them. ♥

Mallory: my agent six, my grave buddy, my favorite person and my best friend / Brittany: the one I adore. I don’t know what I’d do without her / Maddie: simply put, she’s quite wonderful. she’s also almost as creepy as I am. almost. / Pooja: my future next door neighbor. we’re gonna build a tree house. / Sparkles: she’s a stripper and a spazz, and I love her for it. plus she makes boss gifs / Leah: my little sis, and honestly one of the sweetest, most adorable people I know. / Jnet: we stole a school bus one time and robbed a grocery store. needless to say, she’s pretty awesome. / Ksenia: she lives in an igloo and is one of the awesomest people you’ll ever meet. / Alyssa: a beautiful person, inside and out. her singing voice (as well as her piano skills) are simply amazing. / Alex: both he and his url are flawless and I wish he could fly here so we could party. / Nicole: she’s super sweet and super pretty. her blog is like an explosion of Chris Colfer love. / Sam: this babe lights up my life with her sweet and tender love and spazzes with me about Big Bang Theory / Megan: this girlie makes my Listen Fridays just that much more wonderful. / Angeli: pasteles pasteles pasteles….she puts up with my spazzing, makes me gifs, reads my awful stories, and still likes me enough to make me cookies. my Harry Potter bestie. / I-nez: she’s the Blaine to my Kurt. she reads my fan fics. she’s fabulous. / Amanda: she makes rainbow cakes. what more do you want? / Riker: he sings, he dances, he acts, he writes, he blows up the world with his adorableness. he’s pretty much one of the most amazing people ever.  / Rydel: one of the sweetest people ever. I absolutely adore her.