mine: fringe . parallels

Brown Betty ~ 2x20

Peter : I knew you were a good dancer. You really cut a rug out there.

Olivia : Well, you’re not so bad yourself.

Os ~ 3x16

Peter : You like a street fair ?

Olivia : I love a good street fair. You’re not so bad yourself.

Just finished Continuum season 3, one and two were so good, the concept was one of my favorites and I think Cameron, sorry Kiera is up there with the Olivia Dunhams of the world as a female lead. Obviously the Fringe parallels are there with the doubles in the ‘different timeline’/'parallel universe’ but the former has occurred exactly the same as the time line the travelers came from? That’s how I take it anyway, time travel confuses me but the universal time travel paradox issue was kinda sorted out this way right? Well the whole way through season two I wanted her to get back to her family or at least her son, I didn’t care for her husband even before we knew that he cheated on her, he always seemed a bit suspect and he was downright neglectful to Sam when he didn’t answer his goodbye when he was leaving for work in one of the first episodes and then he did it again later on! But with the season two finale the territory changed and I cant say I was as captivated with season 3, although Waning Minute was refreshing. I guess I had appreciated Alec and Keira’s relationship so much and then to find out that he betrayed her and that his counterpart was such an asshole it felt like he wasn’t even in the show anymore. I really want 'the traveler’ to be Sam, who has grown up and went traveling cause he had this hunch about his mom the cps officer his whole life. Brad is gorgeous and his flirting with Keira from the moment they met was needed and so appropriate. Finally season three finale’s Matrix parallel was the best reference I have seen in a TV show, “Lucas I need an exit”, Travis, Gaza and Cameron as Morpheus, Switch and Trinity and they had the flowing cloaks ahh so good!