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prompt given to me by @ask-royai-lty (like i dont have 3456347435+ sitting in my ask box) and a neat, 757-word exercise of Roy and Riza going viciously at each other’s throat and not in the nice way. 

She turned a heel towards the door, wanting to leave before level-headedness was lost between them. The music from Madame Christmas’s bar was muffled by an oak door, all she had to do was walk out of it and it would be done. He would fume and burn out before they showcased their regrets.

Roy snatched her wrist. A low growl erupted from the depth of his chest. “I didn’t say you could leave.”

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a Very Late birthday gift @mollymerula bc I love her so much I had to invent an entirely new way to color so I could give her the best gift possi bl e djfkghsdjkgh ;;w;;

Melvin is Nadia’s fat maine coon~ he’s in charge of keeping the arctic shrew population in the fort to a minimum and his nickname is ‘The Tiger of Briggs’. lots of the soldiers carry cat treats in case they see him–he’s a very good source of moral~

i really like how hawkeye/mustang was never confirmed. like i wouldn’t mind if it was, because they have a great dynamic, but it’s also really nice to see such a close, personal bond between a man and a woman that isn’t necessarily romantic. they’d make a great couple, but i love that they don’t have to.