mine: fma

this line, and the bit just before this where Ling easily took over to greet Falman, means that Greed and Ling are actively communicating and working together, which is nice to see when you think back to the almost control Greed had at first

it also gets a bit sweet when you remember Greed’s “Even with all these souls inside me, I’m still alone” line :’)


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Hình mẫu 1 số món merch mình chuẩn bị bán tại Summer Anime Expo vào tháng 5 ở HCM, có bạn follower người Việt nào có dự định đi fes thì hú mình nha (^ω^) mình tập trung merch vào 2 series chính là FMA với MHA

Olivier in the military-issued undershirt
Because… reasons? boobs
A lot of people liked how small I tend to make her when i draw her so I wanted to kinda do another small Oli thing.. I also have a headcanon that she is not thin™

idk i just kind of like the idea of a small angry lady commanding an entire fort and all of her soldiers being afraid of + respecting her

I also tried a new kinda shading and it’s okay. I feel like the pants look really good tho
I also got a picarto if anyone’s interested in streams

  • ‘is that book of yours a hit list or..’
  • ‘well do you want to find out?’

young roy and riza for yall