mine: flash


Can’t say how the days will unfold. 
Can’t change what the future may hold,
But, I want you in it, every hour, every minute. 
This world can race by far too fast, hard to see while it’s all flying past. 
But, it’s clear now, when you’re standing here now.
I am meant to be wherever you are next to me. 
All I want to do, is come running home to you, come running home to you.

it’s so funny to see that westallen stans think that just because iris is helping julian out while operating caitlin she could step up as the doctor of the team. i mean, i didn’t know that iris got a phd, became an expert medic and neurosurgeon and became a genius just like that

but how could anyone expect from them to be happy about the fact that those two beatiful ladies are helping each other out in trouble


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