mine: finnick odair

Tardas diez veces más en recuperarte que en lo que tardas en hundirte.
—  Finnick Odair.

Hunger Games + Book Moments

“They’re playing with you because you’re so … you know.”

“No, I don’t know,” I say. And I really have no idea what he’s talking about.

“It’s like when you wouldn’t look at me naked in the arena even though I was half dead. You’re so … pure,” he says finally.

“I am not!” I say. “I’ve been practically ripping your clothes off every time there’s been a camera for the last year!”

“Yeah, but … I mean, for the Capitol, you’re pure,” he says, clearly trying to mollify me. “For me, you’re perfect.”

Katniss and Peeta are great, but by no means are they the most interesting characters in The Hunger Games.

Give me more Finnick, more Annie. Give me Johanna and Haymitch. Give me Cashmere and Enobaria.

D4 is at least somewhat a career district. Why didn’t anyone volunteer for a fourteen year old? Did Annie volunteer? Why did the game makers flood the arena, when that could easily kill EVERYONE unless they knew Annie could swim? Was Finnick somehow responsible?

Did Johanna have a family before the Games? Has she ever been in love? Was Haymitch ever approached about prostitution? Has he ever been in love? Who did they hold on for?

Why weren’t Cashmere or Enobaria in on the Rebellion? They were just as angry as anyone else. Did Cashmere have a sexual relationship with Gloss, as many have suggested? Did Enobaria have a family? She wasn’t part of the Rebellion, but she wasn’t on the Capitol’s side either.

The Hunger Games has such a wealth of fascinating characters that go beyond Katniss, Peeta, and a love triangle.

Any thoughts?