mine: final fantasy

There are a lot of games that stick you with a male viewpoint character as the nominal protagonist even though the story is really about a woman, but Final Fantasy X stands out to me as the only one where the fandom has just collectively decided to address that by talking about the game as though the woman in question is the player character. If you were to casually follow contemporary discussion of the game, you’d never in a million years guess that Yuna isn’t the player character - we’re all just “we recognise that the game thinks Tidus is the protagonist, but given that he’s a stupid-ass protagonist, we’ve elected to ignore him”.


This is it guys, I’ve officially peaked and nothing I create will ever be this good again

So this just happened...

Earlier today, before taking a nap, @akaichi texts me and goes “I gotta drop something off. I’ll just leave it in the mailbox.” I’m like ight cool. Knowing our friendship this thing would either be some sort of food item or a troll ass gift. 

Woke up to finding this guy on my porch (Pretty much a troll ass gift, but a great one) 

And now he’s settled close to his KH brethren XD  



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