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Referencing with a Youngjae photo and I realized how much I actually missed rendering omg I love- I FORKING LOVE RENDERING like I don’t even know how to explain the amount agajdhaksls


Porpentina “Tina” Goldstein:  

“Porpentina is derived from the archaic word “Porpentine”. Porpentine is a form of the term “porcupine”, used by William Shakespeare in the play Hamlet. Tina originates from the Old English “Tyne” meaning river. Goldstein is an occupational German name, meaning “gold” with Stein being translated to “stone”.


newton artemis fido scamander, author and magizoologist: 

I was then but a lowly Ministry of Magic employee and leapt at the chance both to augment my pitiful salary of two Sickles a week and to spend my holidays travelling the globe in search of new magical species.