mine: favourite songs

Sons and Daughters
The Decemberists
Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters  |  The Decemberists

take up your arms, sons and daughters,
we will arise from the bunkers
by land, by sea, by dirigible
we’ll leave our tracks untraceable, now

hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away . . . 


Just thought I’d give you all a reminder that this song is a masterpiece and it never fails to make me happy.

our playlists can so often give incredible insight into our lives, whether it be music we scream to unabashedly in our cars, music we turn to when we truly need a sense of solace on darker days or music we blissfully dance to and feel ever so liberated. taylor swift genuinely goes above and beyond to connect with all of us and strengthen our bond, and sharing such an eclectic, unique playlist with us that’s four and a half hours long is a special, powerful way to do that.

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don’t do anything at all


Twelve days of twelve [Day 7]  Favourite Scene

The Doctor distracts the Cybermen from the fact that he is picking up his sonic by being dramatic™

One thing I love about Twelve’s era is how much it gave us a look into how the doctor thinks. He doesn’t always have a plan but can improvise so well that it seems as if he can survive anything. This scene (although not necessarily my favourite of his entire run) for me forms the subtle culmination of this exploration of the doctor’s mind. Because, while when the doctor says he has a plan he is lying to you, if he appears to have lost and finds himself surrounded by an army of Cybermen looking at him, you can bet that he’s exactly where he wants to be.