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Happy Thanksgiving

Hufflepuff: Hey, Griff? Can you get the dor?

Gryffindor: *opens the door for Slytherin* You wanna Slyther on in for some turkey?

Slytherin: *walks in and rolls their eyes* I’m so hungry. I’m going to Ravenclaw my eyes out…

Ravenclaw: (after meal) I’m so hufflestuffed, I can’t move.

Hope everyone in the United States had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And hope everyone else had a wonderful normal day!

662. Many ravenclaws struggle with people always assuming great things from them because they’re ‘gifted’ and ‘in the smart house’ and then not being able to fulfill these high expectations when they get older. As kids they start to define themselves by their intelligence and so, as they grow up and realise their intelligence is more average than they thought, they go through something of an identity crisis and constantly worry they won’t be able to fulfill their potential

I disagree with everyone who says that Harry doesn’t know how to cook. I strongly believe that even if he hadn’t learned how to cook while he was living with the Dursleys, he would’ve learned later because he knew how being starved is like and he always had to make sure everyone around him is well fed. So yeah… Harry Potter knows how to cook. (and he is damn good at it)

My parents were the Dursleys (from Harry Potter) but the dad was Kanye West. The three of them were playing basketball in the driveway, and were making me retrieve every ball that rolled away. This happened often because Kanye, Petunia and Dudley Dursley were known to be terrible at basketball. One time when I was retrieving the ball, I saw my friend chillin’ at a frozen yogurt stand. She urged me to join her and take a break from their bs. After a bit of convincing, I agreed. We ate until our hearts were content, and had a pretty great time. I knew, though, that I had to return with the basketball soon, as I was disturbing their play time. When I came back, Kanye was angry, and told me off because I took too long and he couldn’t finish his game. He then challenged me to a basketball-off in a huge stadium with a crowd watching. If I lost, I’d die, and if I won, I would finally be set free from my awful family. The game began and my heart was pounding. The whistle blew and I grabbed the ball, dribbled it for a bit, and dunk on Kanye. I’ve won! The crowd went wild, and I was set free, and then I woke up.