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Bigby wolf fun facts:

*His mother is Winter Wolf (a badass lone wolf) and north wind (basically a God of the wind and weather)
*his father left his mother before he and his brothers we’re even born, breaking her heart greatly
*he’s the youngest of seven male pups
*bigby was born the runt of the litter
*bigby was actually named ironically by his brothers. They we’re the first to call him ‘the big bad wolf’ because as he pup he was not big and bad whatsoever
*his mom eventually died mostly because the heartbreak(this one I’m not too sure about)
*bigby wanted to protect his mother’s corpse from scavengers but his brother refused to help him and went to their father for training and ended up failing the task. This is what brings bigby to try and get stronger which would form him into the character he is today
*bigby was both his mother’s and father’s favorite
*bigby hates(he even tried to kill him around several times) his father because he feels it’s his fault winter died also because his father ended up imprisoning his brothers to an eternity to do his bidding(or something like that, that whole situation is very complicated)
*bigby actually has his fathers powers as well (where the huff and puff thing comes from) his brothers did too, but training didn’t go as they expected


Long long ago in a village by a dark wood, death and chaos were becoming commonplace. A vampire had come out of the tombs in the mountains to feed on the fearful populace.

Humanity however is resilient, and they banded together, forgot their fear, and went into the mountain tombs to slay the vampire where it slept.

Vampires, however, can never be truly slain. The soul of the unhappy being haunted the wilds formless and hungry.

At last there came a day where green things once again dared to grow over the vampire grave. Any who passed by the strange white flowers found themselves oddly tired from their walk- moreso than usual.

The taproot of the bloodroot grows deep and red, and feeds on the life around the forest. If you look closely in the cold, dark woods you may find it, but do not linger long in the flower bed. A hungry soul lives in those roots, reincarnated. The evidence is in the earth. If you pick a bloodroot and cut the root open, it will seep with the blood it has stolen.

Someone: I dont like Snow White 

Fables/twau fans:  No͞.̧.̴.̡ ̶y̧d͜ouu̡ c,̡an͞nt͠ ́H̵a҉te,͜,hŕe͏!̕!S ̧h͢e ͡is͜ ҉good҉d̨..̶,,.͠ ͡Whhyy͞ ͠ ̀,͡,you ,̕,̶h̷at̡e͜ h͢er;;̸r?̛?̨ ęh̶ is̡ ̛p,,pur͏ŕee̴..??̷.͡.. ̧ ͠ou ujs͢t͘..͜.҉. ̶C̀AN̨fT̸ p.h͢ąa͜,,̶e͞ her̕..͏.͜ .͢.̴ ͞WWho,??͢ ͞. ̕Do̴ ̛ńo͠y͜u tr͘hiinky..ou҉ a̛r̢e͘???̵? S̸,t͘ùup͞rii͝dd ͠ ̨k̀hhe͢.̵ad͝?͟??̀?҉?? ͢