mine: faberry

I never slow danced with a girl  before… I like it!

Something Quinn “straight” Fabray said a few moments before sleeping with Santana Lopez…

I don’t care if you shipped Quinn with Puck, Finn, Sam or any other guy but don’t you dare telling me she’s straight.

3 years later and I’m still not over the fact that they made Quinntana canon, gave us queer Quinn Fabray and had the guts to still denied that Quinn loved Rachel.

So here’s a moment from 6x03 that I’ve never noticed before. Clearly whatever they had going on, they were able to come back, enjoy themselves and sing together. This gives me hope that maybe Quinn and Rachel reconnected at some point and began their inevitable, powerful, and much anticipated friendship. We can all dream in our hearts that love came from that, but I’ll leave that for the fanfictions ;)

Every fandom has pictures of their ship or the actresses together and they can’t quite figure out if the picture is real or a manip…

I’ve been in both the Faberry fandom and the Swan Queen fandom and I’ve noticed something…

Here’s a good trick to figure it out in both of these fandoms.

If the picture in question is of Rachel and Quinn? It’s most likely a manip. If the picture is of Lea Michele and Dianna Agron? The picture is most likely real.

If we’re talking about Swan Queen, it’s most likely the opposite. Picture of Emma and Regina? Pretty sure it’s real. Picture of Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla? Most definitely a manip.