mine: emma and thayer

My favorite couples. Always. And Forever…

Chuck and Blair: I can not imagine a day when I stop loving them

Damon and Elena:They must be together. Together they are happy.

Spencer and Toby: I still have hope.

Emma and Thayer: He is the best for her.

Simon and Alisha: I still miss them. So much…

Stefan and Rebbeca: She deserves happiness

Nate and Jenny: They were cute together.

Caroline and Tyler: They would not survive if they did not have each other

themma 2x04

Thayer getting a call from Emma 

but finding it difficult to talk

Emma hoping its Thayer - nope Sutton

Ethan trying to bring up Thayer, Emma shuts it down

Emma hearing Laurel talk about how great Thayer was

Emma going to Thayer - “I care about him , Ethan”

Emma at Thayers

Confused why Thayers questioning why shes here, about to find out why

Emmas shocked

Thayer chases after her

Emma asking if this was just revenge

Telling Mads how bad things went

Thayer helps pick up Emma’s sutff

Time to make up and have a kiss :)

“She was just a friend”- Thayer

Emma also confirming she came for his help an for him, after Thayer asks