mine: elena and jeremy


Delena + their baby pictures


“Excuse me,” Y/N said as handed the check to the waiter. “Can I ask you a weird question?” The waiter gave a nod.
“I’m looking for Gilberts. I think their names are Elena and Jeremy? Do you know where they live possibly?” The waiter laughed.
“Yeah, I know them,” the waiter said. “I’m Matt. I’m a friend of theirs. And they are actually sitting right over there.” Matt pointed to a table. Y/N’s heart skipped a few beats. There they were, the birth family she had been searching for. Y/N stood up and walked over to them. The pair looked up at her when she reached their table.
“Hi,” Y/N said, silently cursing themselves for being so nervous. “I’m Y/N. I was wondering if we could talk for a minute.”
“Sure,” Elena said. “Sit here. What is this about?” Y/N took another deep breath.
“I know this is going to sound weird, but years ago I was given up for adoption. I’ve been looking for my birth family for a really long time now. I’m related to the Gilberts.”
requested by anon
dear anon, i changed around the imagine a bit to fit what is canon. canonically speaking, elena and jeremy are cousins, elena being adopted by grayson and miranda while her father is grayson’s brother, john. i hope you still like what i cooked up for you!