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Doctor Who episode remix 3/?  Tooth & Claw as a crime thriller

As a history professor, James McCrimmon never thought he would one day investigate crimes. But a recent kidnapping may be tied to child disappearances going back centuries. And the police require his help. He’s way out of his depths. He’d be completely lost without his favorite waitress and fellow insomniac Rose Tyler. 

The criminal is leaving clues all over Edinburgh, in places seemingly related to Queen Victoria. Clues that will take them deep into the Highlands for a mysterious masquerade at the Torchwood Estate. 

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Doctor Who episode remix 4/?  ↠ Age of steel as a cyberpunk movie

John is a low level tech for Cybus industries. Rose is a waitress at the “retro” diner across the street from his office. He’s had a crush on her for ages, she’s too pure and good for this bleak city. As an insomniac, John spends most of his nights there. He sips beverages with flavors from a bygone era such as coffee, and basks in Rose’s smiles.

One day, John stumbles upon documents he should never have seen about “upgrading” the human race, and he can’t resist investigating further. When his employer finds out and hunt him, Rose is the only person he feels safe with. Unfortunately, that mean she gets mixed up in this nasty cybermen business with him, but she’ll prove to be exactly the partner he needed to stop them.