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eighth doctor #01 [the pictures of josie day]
“great. ‘you know what to do,’ he says. ‘you decide how the story ends.’ what does that even mean? i’m just an artist. i have no idea what an actual telepathic circuit even looks like. ‘do what you do best.’ fine for him to say. he’d know what it… oh. of course! ”

So many Christmas feels with Doctor Who right now, just imagining Rose’s first Christmas after Doomsday, and all the flashbacks she would’ve had to the Christmas before, when the Doctor would get up just because she asked for helpwhen she could laugh with him and be happy and carefree

when the Doctor would look at her like this and she must’ve thought about how she would never see that look again, never hear that laugh, and most importantly, he would never be there when she needs him most