mine: dw ch

okay but hear me out:

  • Clara and Ashildr get a spin-off about being immortal girlfriends in space. they visit Clara’s other girlfriend, Jane Austen. Ashildr lived through Jane Austen’s time and was also her girlfriend. Clara, Ashildr and Jane Austen are now a space throuple.
  • River gets a spin-off about being a time-travelling archaeologist/private detective. sometimes she travels with her wife, Cleopatra, and runs into her friends, Jack Harkness, Madame Vasta, and Jenny Flint. They call themselves the intergalactic queer peers.
  • CROSSOVERS. Clara is indeed River’s second wife. Jack and River give Clara the nickname “big flirt in a little package.” all the space queers love each other and make fun of heteros. the end.