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I don’t believe in god. There’s no proof he exists. In a world where there isn’t even proof of the future, the past exists. Even if it’s tainted with misunderstandings and delusions, if the people themselves believe in it, the past is the truth to them. And, if you base your actions or your life around it, in a way, it’s a type of god itself.

Dedicated to @juminss
Happy Birthday to my loveliest Yang (★ω★)

I was thinking about Izaya and it hit me how powerless he actually is. He may use knowledge to his benefit, manipulating people to move as he wants, but there’s always an element of unpredictability in doing so. When it comes down to it, he’s alone. He would be powerless against a mob. Words can’t carry him away from that.

That’s also what draws him to Mikado, in my opinion. Mikado doesn’t orchestrate fancy schemes, but he’s not unfamiliar with the possible weight of what he says, especially in the scheme of the Dollars. He has power. He has countless people who can be moved as he wants as long as he presents his desires in the proper way. Mikado wouldn’t be helpless against a mob in Ikebukuro. He is the mob.

Izaya can see that, so he’s so interested in where Mikado will head next, what he will become. If Mikado falls into the underworld in just the right way, he will feel no remorse or hesitation in his pursuit of unconventionality. If they combine the planning and understanding that Izaya possesses with Mikado’s influence, they’ll create something formidable. If. The glaringly obvious potential is quite seductive, really.