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  • Harry: I made this friendship bracelet for you.
  • Draco: You know I'm not really a jewelry person.
  • Harry: You don't have to wear it.
  • Draco: No, I'm gonna wear it forever. Back off.

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Omg you ship dramione??? Do you have any recommended fanfics?? (I've read isolation already!) :o

Yes! DRAMIONE IS MY MAJOR OTP I just, I read a fanfiction like four years ago and it was so good I could never ship anyone so hard as them!

Mostly I’d reccomend the famous ones:

The Fallout (if you like dramione after this you’ll ship them like Hermes)

Silencio (you’ll enjoy this and then you’LL CRY)

Beautiful Disaster (I love this one because MALFOYS) 

The Accidental Malfoy (it’s wip but omg)


We Learned at the Sea (this is beautiful too!)

Merry Christmas Mr Malfoy (read this one in chritsmas and it’ll be a lot much more beautiful and enjoyable!!)

Summer of the Dragon (I LOVE THIS FIC TOO, IT’S AMAZING)

and if I’m talking about Lena Phoria you just need to read The Deadline because I live for everyweek’s update in that fic I swear

oh you can check out every fic of her because every one of them are absolutely perfect!

Broken (I can’t tell you how much I loved this fic because there are no words enough to express it)

And lets not forget one of the best dramione writers: bex-chan

The first thing I read from bex was Graveyard Valentine and then Love Me Twice and then Isolation and then Hunted and then everything she writes because she’s so much talented and wow Isolation is my number one fic (The Fallout too, they both are my fav fics ever)

Mine ok this was strange because Veela and Draco and Veela and Draco and wtf that end in the last chapter posted and it’s WIP but it’s so so so good

aaaaaand I’ve left this to be the ast one because I’m not still sure if I like it, or if I love it, or if I will ever forgive this fic for hurting me so much. I have this kind of thing where everything about a parent who can’t show love but feels it, it gets me because I’ve lived it so yeah, read it but with a very open mind and just enjoy the hurting because maybe that is the thing that make this fic so special and amazing. Or I’m just a sentimental and that’s only a good story, anyway, I hope you give this one a chance:

Picture Retribution

and that’s it, I know I’m forgetting a lot of really good ones but these are the ones I remember as of now! 

Five times Draco Malfoy Hurt Hermione

The first time that Draco Malfoy had ever truly hurt Hermione Granger was in their second year.

Most people assume that it was when he called her a mud blood, but she didn’t mind that actually. She hadn’t even known what it meant, and so it hadn’t really affected her. When she had learnt what it meant, she was angry, but not hurt. She had already expected Malfoy to say something like that to her after she had called him out on the fact that he was only on the team because his father bought his way there.

The first time Draco Malfoy ever truly hurt her was when she learned that he had wished her dead.

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Daily Prophet (Vol. 1)

“Where do they even get these pictures?" 

"You gave an interview?" 

"Why do they have to do a look back, all the time?”

“At least they dropped the war-hero and deatheater, name calling.”

“Did they have to put my age?”

“That’s a great picture with Neville, why do they have better picture than my own albums." 

Someone write me a drabble about my fan art.

Link to Vol. 2

My Shippings: Dramione

So I’m so tired of peoples bullshit, questioning my beliefs in my ships. I mean the amount of questions I have got, about how I ship Dramione, Harmony, Tomione and or Jamione. These are the ships I get questioned about the most so I have come to tumblr to express my feelings. Twitter comments are really getting to me.


1. Emma Watson and Tom Felton are the hottest creatures to ever grace our planet.

That should be the only reason I need because can you imagine them cuddling beside the Black Lake, or laughing together in the Great Hall? Because I can. 

2. So whatever, they ‘hate’ each other. He called her a Mudblood what about it. He was raised that way. How was he supposed to know any different?

And may I just point out that Ron is the one who sneered at Malfoy first on the train. If you were 11 and trying to introduce yourself to someone who was considered a celebrity and then someone sneered when you said your name, I think you’d bite back too. Then, Draco obviously not liking Ron tried to make friends with Harry when Harry was the one who shot him down.

Obviously, Draco going home to his father telling him all about the ’great and annoying Potter’. If I was Draco I’d be pretty angry too!

Back to Dramione, he obviously hated the fact that she was a muggle-born yet getting better grades than him. Lucius obviously beat him for losing to a 'Mudblood’.

I definitely think his hate was for his father and pureblood traditions and prejudices. He hated that fact that his blood said he needed to be better than her. He hated that her blood meant she had to been weaker and lesser in all aspects of life than him. Yeah sure sometimes he got angry and took it out on her but I’m sure he regretted it.

3. They have so much in common yet are total opposites. She’s a Gryffindor, he’s in Slytherin, he’s a pureblood she’s a muggleborn. Yet both of them are exceptionally smart, and have a certain class about them. I kinda feel bad saying this but I mean, Hermione isn’t hilarious and I feel she would very much appreciate Draco’s sarcastic, dry humour as I feel that’s more her style.

4. The sexual tension. Can you imagine Romione doing it? It would be all cute and awkward and disgusting. Dramione doing it? They would do it everywhere…I can see them sneaking off down corridors and then of course they would be parried with each other for nightly patrols and they would make a list of all the teacher’s desk they had done it on.  Their sex life would be explosive and hot and amazing…..if you’ve ever read a Dramione fan fiction you know what I’m talking about.

5. Can you imagine the bromance between Draco and Harry. And may I just say, it would be pretty fucking amazing. They’d call each other by their surnames but it would be all in good fun and they’d fight over quidditch and their kids. Both of their sons would be forced to be seekers and wow I’m going to go write a fan fiction now.

6. Thie I feel is the most important point. Every single relationship in the trio’s era, was safe. Ron and Hermione= Safe. Harry and Ginny= Safe. There was no relationships that we knew of between any Gryffindor and Slytherin. In the Marauder’s era we had Severus and Lily and even at that it wasn’t anything major but an unrequited love.

For me, like I said, it was all played safe. Can you imagine how interesting and more exciting it would have been had there been a Gryffindor and Slytherin dating either before of after the war?

Dramione would have been Romeo and Juliet; a revised edition. A forbidden yet romantic love that would have gone down in history.

Harry shipped it. Well he definitely didn’t ship Romione anyway :D

7. If Dramione happened, Draco would have slightly redeemed himself after the war.  Hermione is the only one that would have been kind enough to forgive him at first then everyone else would and BOOM Dramione!

8.Points in which Dramione totally should have happened….

1st Year-The train, Hermione would have been looking for Trevor and went into his compartment. Not a great example but I mean they are 11 so they just would have been friends if anything.

2nd Year-Uneventful in the Dramione spectrum. He totally could have dropped into the hospital wing to check on her when she was petrified though because I imagine when he wished death upon her he didn’t actually mean it and then he must have felt bad for her.

3rd Year- Ah the year it all began. Why was Hermione so worried about Draco when he got hit by Buckbeak and she was always gone. I know she had a time-turner but she could have used it for more than classes…if you know what I’m saying ;)

4th Year- Yule Ball year whoop! I mean they couldn’t do anything because everyone was there but I imaging he had a nice long look at Hermione that night, all anyone could talk about that night was how beautiful she was.

5th Year-Pretty uneventful once again but I’m sure Draco goes to the library some nights too.

6th Year- Wow sixth year. This is where shit got real. I mean, Hermione needed a place to cry over the idiot that is Ron. I recon she would have checked out the Room of Requirements. Draco would have been there, they would have both been really upset and stuff. They could have leaned on each other you know?

7th Year- Ok camping, and Malfoy Manor. The pain Draco went through having to listen to her screams. He never turned them in. Oh gosh the feels!

I hope I helped a few people realise why people I ship Dramione because I think a lot of people just think it’s because they’s look good together. I mean they do, but Dramione has depth.

Rant Over!