mine: dragon age

A bust commission of my beloved Warden, Hervor Aeducan, made by the gracious and talented iheartapostates!  

I wanted something that captured what I saw in my Warden that could not properly be portrayed in the game, due to the player character being voiceless and primarily emotionless. Pride, honor, indignation, perseverance. A woman who was torn from all she knew, hurled into a gruesome and chaotic war, but never shied away from a fight. A warrior determined to keep herself, to do what’s right, and face the future head-on, whatever it brought.

And I think this wonderful artist did just that. 

So, in all the past playthroughs of Dragon Age:Origins I’ve done, I had always chosen to fight against Ser Cauthrien and kill her instead of surrendering to her. And in this playthrough I surrendered and chose to wait for a rescue with Alistair whilst incarcerated in the dungeon. You apparently get to choose two party members to come get you out, so I chose Leliana and Morrigan and it switched the scenes over to show them coming to get us and they’re in Chantry disguises and seeing Morrigan in a Chantry robe made me lose my shit. I just imagined my own conversation for them after a certain point.

Morrigan: “Look at me. Do you honestly think they’re going to believe we’re Chantry sisters? WE’RE COVERED IN BLOOD.”

Leliana: “Shhhh, Morrigan. The guards will hear you.”

Morrigan: “Well, let them. They’ll surely end up as bloodless as the last sort that we spoiled our disguises with.”

*they finally arrive in the dungeon and open the door to free the Grey Wardens*

Morrigan: “Greetings prison worms. It is us, the sisters of the Chantry. Have you accepted the Chant of our beloved and most ridiculous savior, Andraste?”

Leliana: “*sighs* What she means to say is, we’re leaving.”