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I Was Happier With You Ch.2 (Trixya)- Doll Parts

A/N: I’m baaack. I would have updated sooner but long story short, someone gave me a stomach bug halfway through my Cinco De Mayo shift at work this past week. As always thanks a bunch to my Beta, Andi<3

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This chapter is all about Katya, look forward to having Trixie back in the next!

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Diamond Dust- Doll Parts

AN: I got the urge to write these two, and this is the result. I use femm pronouns but this is a queen fic so they’re both male just to specify. I love the idea of Farrah looking up to Trixie, who to take her under her wing and ending up being her drag mom. It’s a one shot as of right now cause I have to finish I Was Happier With You, but I couldn’t stop myself from writing it lol.

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