mine: dna


“If you don’t get serious, he’ll catch up fast.”

Larval Philosopher: How can you claim that the human being is a larval form of a future metamorphosized entity of higher intelligence and consciousness?

Exo-Psychologist: How can you claim that evolution stopped with the present human nervous system?

Larval Philosopher: It is absurd to speculate about a Higher Intelligence seeding earth with pre-programmed genetic blueprints.

Exo-Psychologist: What is your theory of the origin of life? Old Testament Genesis? Chance and statistical probability? Lightning bolts triggering life in methane-ammonia puddles? i.e., spontaneous generation?

-tim leary, exo-psychology: a manual for the use of the human nervous system according to the instructions of the manufacturers, and a navigational guide for piloting the evolution of the human individual