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New Digimon Otedamanui and 20th anniversary figure ver.2

New bean plushies of the chosen children in their Digimon onesies will release in 2018, price and dates are to be determined. Released by Ichiban Kuji Online. This Otedamanui set comes with the faces of the Chosen children that you can put inside their partner Digimon onesies.

Another new set of 20th anniversary mini Digimon figures: Digital Monster Capsule Mascot Collection ver 2.0 set has released 5 new silhouette of 300 Yen each, these figures will release in March 2018.

Digimon Music 2017  “Digimon Song Christmas Special ~ The Message to the future~” announced

A special Christmas event for Digimon fans in Japan: Digimon Music 2017 “Digimon Song Christmas Special ~ The message to the Future~” has been announced.

It’ll be a talk and Mini Live show that takes place in Animate Ikebukouro 9F, on December 23rd, 2017 at 4pm JST.

Features: Miyazaki Ayumu, AiM and Ota Michihiko

Guest: Noda Junko, voice actor of Vmon in Adventure 02

Special Guest: Kakudou Hiroyuki

The ticket will be lottery.

some appmon thoughts (too close to canon to be headcanons, not technically canon - canon extrapolations?)

  • confronting and/or beating the shit out of yuujin was probably second on rei’s to-do list (right after Find Hajime) right up until the moment yuujin saved his life and got captured for it. rei was so sure he knew what yuujin’s game was. rei is not used to not being able to find information.
  • when the appmon are trying to wake hajime up and eri says it’s important to keep trying because they’re doing it for a friend, rei’s tiny smile is not because he decides to care for hajime until he wakes (he made that decision, long long ago), it’s the realization that the “friend” they’re talking about is him
  • eri is the dad friend. she doesn’t broadcast it, but it’s what it is. it’s part of why she and rei get along without much fuss - complimentary friend group positions.
  • there was probably a significant fear from hackmon that rei would not continue to care for now that hajime was around. the fact that rei still talks with and worries about hackmon is probably the first time hackmon truly feels needed.
  • musimon’s nonbinary.
  • rei’s enthusiasm in taking to crafted personas and ability to fake emotions when required of him probably translates into really incredible acting ability. he probably tears shit up in high school, or would if he ever actually tried out for anything. that killer jump could translate to some basketball skills, too, if he cared.
  • eri karan is the most important person in my life and i’d die for her this isn’t a thought it’s just fact
  • joking about it is fun, but if the kids ever actually appliarised the ultimate 4, biomon would have a mental breakdown and rei would have a lot of explaining to do
  • on that note - after a while away from stuff, rei probably starts to wonder if, if everyone knew the terrible things he’d done, they’d still like him. that’s a good character arc thought, actually. gonna keep that one in mind for The Appmon Season Two Fic.

I know dubs are usually bad, but with the right voice actor it could give way to some powerful performances that just couldn’t be done with subs alone.