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魔界の秘密道具 ~使用上の注意をよく読み、正しくお使い下さい~
  • 魔界の秘密道具 ~使用上の注意をよく読み、正しくお使い下さい~
  • シュウ(CV.鳥海浩輔)アヤト(CV.緑川光)アズサ(CV.岸尾だいすけ)

Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival Stellaworth tokuten drama CD:
魔界の秘密道具 ~使用上の注意をよく読み、正しくお使い下さい~

Hell’s secret potions ~Please read the instruction sheet carefully before using~

…finished! Honestly there aren’t too many tokuten drama CDs this time, but until February I have like 6 exams to do so I’m probably gonna take a break from translating guys. Until February at least. 

Ah, before I forget, please do not reupload it anywhere else. I’ve recently seen my translations on Facebook without credits and seriously, I don’t want it to happen again. Moreover it’s damn hard to read stuff on FB because you can’t bold anything. Just link the translation and you’re done.

Now, I hope you enjoy the drama CD and let me know if you spot any mistakes. Seriously I haven’t been studying English for 3 years now (+,,ÒᄉÓ,,)=3


Ayato …ah please, what even is this place!? It’s so fucking boring here… what’s wrong with that old man? Compared to this the human world is way better. At least I can find something to do there… dammnit.


Ayato …huh? What are those people doing? There’s a crowd… a fight maybe?! Hahah, hell yeah! Let’s go have a look!

Ayato huh? It’s not a fight… they’re queuing…? Damn, and it’s a pretty long one.

Azusa Ayato…san…?

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