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Hello! So what would happen if the sakamaki's s/o had to go to another country for something really important to her (ex. Family matters, job, etc.) for a month or two? (I hope this hasn't been done :P)

I love getting short one’s like these nvn they’re so much easier to write.


Shu - Depends on how attached he is to you really, chances are if you two are really attached he’s not letting you go and if you’re being stubborn he knows ways of making you stay. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Reiji - Absolutely not! He understands that you need to be apart for important matters but he should be the most important thing to you at the moment. If is no way around it though he will just as soon pack up and go with you than to see you leave by yourself.

Ayato - Why would you want to leave Yours Truly? Ayato would not be letting you go by a long shot, even asking him seemed stupid once it left your mouth, maybe with enough ass kissing you could get him to go with you but that’ll take a lot of blowing smoke up his ass.

Kanato - No. No. nO. NO! Kanato shuts the conversation down quickly as soon as you talk about leaving him, so there’s not much else to say. Just thoughts of you going and never returning eats at him to the point of lashing out… good luck.

Laito - At first Laito will wave it off like a joke; nice try Little Bitch~ But once the conversation gets serious he’ll quickly let you know that you will not be going anywhere without him, in his own way of course.

Subaru - He’s… the most understanding(?). Subaru knows that if it’s important then you should go but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s aye okay with it either. He’ll try the normal excuses before you settle your mind on it but if you do go he’s wanting communication with you constantly… be ready to teach him how to face cam on skype.

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Xeno AU, reactions of the boys when their s/o that they've become attached/bonded to touches their wings for the first time

Admin Mawile: (。’▽’。)♡


-He goes very, very still, not so much as breathing until you make contact. It takes every bit of willpower he has not to show how nervous he is, and the closer you get, the more unconscious, nervous twitches start to shake him. Once you’re actually touching them, though, he’s so relaxed he might as well be asleep, utterly limp in your lap. 


-He’s horribly tense from the moment the idea is suggested, unconsciously fidgeting and refusing to make eye contact. He knows how vulnerable this will make him, and the very thought of putting down that much pride makes him sick. When you’re touching his wings, he’s more at peace than you’ve ever seen him, completely unconcerned with anything but your touch. 


-It’s extremely difficult to think of anything but how Cordelia used to hurt him, and it’s obvious how terrified he is. He’s visibly twitchy, shifting in place like he just wants to run. It’s one of the few times he actually looks afraid of you. When you actually touch him, he’s nothing short of a mess, clinging to you fiercely and dampening your shirt with tears he’d never admit to. 


-He cries the moment you get close, sobbing and trying to wriggle away before you can hurt him. All he can think about is what Cordelia used to do, and even if it’s you, he’s convinced you’re going to try to do him harm. Eventually, he gives up, sniffling into your side and letting you do what you want, shivering and going limp the more contact he gets. 


-He’s obviously terrified, so tense you can see veins standing out on his neck. It looks like he’s either about to run or be sick, and he actually starts shaking when you get close. The last faux-casual joke dies in his throat when you touch him, and he collapses against you from almost the second you start to touch his wings, trembling so badly he looks like he could fall apart. 


-All his strength leaves him the second your fingers make contact. He goes completely still, too overwhelmed to yell or struggle or try to defend his shattered pride. He has to cover his mouth to prevent any pathetic noises from slipping out, and even that fails when you keep petting him, too gentle and loving to possibly fight back against. 


-He’s extremely reluctant to let you so close, afraid of losing any more dignity in front of you than the attachment has already cost him. He tries desperately to stay still, to not show any more weakness in front of you than he already has, but the gentle touches get to him in moments. All that effort means nothing when he’s all but purring in your lap. 


-He’s terrified, and can’t stop himself from jerking away any time you get too close. He may not have had those wings forever, but he knows just how tender they are, and just how much damage you could do. Eventually, though, he succumbs to the attention, pleasure winning out over fear as instinct demands he give in and let you do as you please. 


-Despite not knowing much about vampire biology, he can feel that it’s unsafe to let you quite so close. He very nearly collapses at the first contact, both utterly shocked at how pleasant it is and overwhelmed with the instinct to give in and be good for you. The shock paralyzes him more than anything, tied with how impossible it is to resist any of this pathetic behavior. 


-Knowing how easy it would be for you to hurt him just makes him love it more, accepting anything you want to do to him between quiet pleads for pain. He’s completely calm, almost dazed from all the attention, and he’ll happily go along with what you want, so long as means you’ll keep petting him. Even if he doesn’t get pain, your closeness is more than enough. 


-Pride can only get him so far with a body that’s on the verge of collapse, and the relaxation that your touch brings finally breaks through his dignity. He’ll hate himself for it once he can think again, but for now, he’s too tired to do anything but give in and enjoy the closeness while it lasts, hiding his face in silence, unwilling to face the indignity of what he’s allowing. 


-He absolutely despises the weakness all of this brings out in him. Even agreeing to let you so close is just shameful. He’s caught between terrified and furious, hating everything you manage to do to him, even more so when your touch is so good he all but falls apart in your lap, unable to stay upright even for the sake of his slowly breaking pride. 

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❤ Reactions from the S,M and T brothers if their S.O. gave them a bouquet of flowers? ❤

I’m not dead I swear nvn. Sorry this took so long babe.


Shu - “What are these? Quiet down I know they’re flowers…” He may seem like you’re bothering him with such useless things and interrupting his sleep, especially when he hands them back to you and orders you to put them in a vase, but that’s just Shu… he cares and appreciates them!… We think.

Reiji - “Well you do have a very nice taste in decor. Though these leaves are starting to wilt I’m sure I could fix that.” He fills a vase and they go right in the center of the table so he can admire them while you two eat dinner, even if he is nitpicky he still loves the thought that you gave them to him.

Ayato - “Uhh thanks, but you know something that Your’s Truly really wants?” Of course, it’s your blood. He may play around like that but he is really touched that you thought about him and will find a proper vase for them.

Kanato - Honestly he may be a little lost with his words because to be completely honest he’d rather you had brought him something sweet after all flowers die so easily at least candy has more… uses. (ノ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ*:・゚✧

Laito - “Oh Little Bitch these are very pretty, maybe we could spread them on the bed~” If you were to agree he’d decline and keep them in a vase, you did go out of your way to pick them out just for him after all~ He’ll save that idea for a later date.

Subaru - Subaru.exe has stopped responding would you like to restart this program again? He’s at a total loss for words, through blushes and stutters you’ll get a thank you but other than that he’s hit the road jack. You’ll see him admiring them before placing them in a vase, so he can’t damage them.


Ruki - “Hmm these are rather nice Livestock, I suppose you have learned something.” He seems rather pleased with them actually, or more so pleased with the quality of them. They’ll be set in a vase in the dining room as the centerpiece that night for sure.

Kou - “Aw did my Kitten get these for me? Well, now I have to give you something back right?” Say yes… Just, please say yes.

Yuma - “Hey, Sow, where’d you get these? They better not have come from the garden… A shop? But I grow them?… A gift? Uh thanks…” After the questionnaire, he’d plant a kiss on top of your head and put them in a vase.

Azusa - “Ohh… these are really… pretty just like… Eve.” Did he just turn this back on you? Yes, he did… smooooth.

Tsukinami (they don’t get no love):

Carla - “These are very nice but you do know that I have no need for such things when you’re around.” How he manages to be this smooth is unfathomable but he does.

Shin - “What? Why would I want these, especially from you?” Rest assured when you are out of sight he’s blushing so hard. You may just find them in a very special vase in a very special place where he can see them whenever he wants… but he’s not gonna tell you that.

Hope you guys enjoy! ~mun Ashe


-Shu: He’s pretty cool with it. It makes getting her blood waaaaay easier if she’s 10000% devoted to him. Though he might get irritated if they’re too clingy. If she actually loves him, it might take a while for him to actually like her back.

-Reiji: He is quite pleased that she knows her place and devotes herself to him, though given his sadistic nature, he’ll still find excuses to punish her no matter how well she follows his orders.

-Ayato: PERFECT FOR HIM. She worships Ore-sama in the way he feels he deserves. Inflate this boys ego anymore and he won’t be able to pick his head up.

-Laito: Appreciates how willing she is to do anything for him. He very much enjoys a loyal bitch-chan to follow him around, and lets be real, he’s happy as long as they genuinely love him and aren’t using him.

-Kanato: He’s very happy to have a loyal little doll to follow him around! Though she’s most likely entirely obediant towards his want, he’ll still find a reason to throw a temper tantrum though.

-Subaru: Does not understand why she is so obsessed and in love with him, but secretly is really happy about it. He won’t show it on the outside, but he’s actually very happy and greatful.


-Ruki: He’s happy to have a livestock that is so willing. Perfectly obediant and well-behaved, though there will be the occasional light punishment to remind her of who’s in charge.

-Kou: It genuinely takes him a while to convince himself she isn’t lying to him. For a while, he just thinks she wants him for his pretty face and fame but once he realizes she’s 100% devoted to him, he is elated!

-Yuma: He appretiates the love and loyalty and all but if she’s TOO clingy he’s not here for it. Bottom line is, if he’s not into her, then he could not give less of a shit. But if he genuinely likes her, then he’s all for 100% devotion.

-Azusa: He is very happy to have someone who loves him so mush and will try to show his appreciation by giving his own kind of love in the form of pain and cuts. He just wants her to know how much he truly loves them back!

Lost eden, Maniac 09: Carla

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-Habitación de huéspedes.-

Kino: … ¡Ah, delicioso! El jugo de guayaba es el mejor.

Yuri: ¿Qué número es ese de ahora, Kino?

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I really liked the scenario where you where petting xeno subaru wings! could you do one for shu?


-You were very used to the weight of one very lazy vampire on top of you. You were used as Shuu’s personal pillow with such frequency that it felt normal to have him there, half-asleep dead weight in your lap.

What you weren’t so used to was the squirming, tiny, jerky little movements, completely unconscious as you lightly toyed with one silky wing. 

His eyes were scrunched closed, and it didn’t seem like he could do much more than twitch as you rubbed along the soft fuzz. Your fingers slipped closer to the base and a small, soft noise slipped out of him, more vulnerable than you ever thought could come from him. 

The was probably the closest you could get to underneath the apathy. 

He was growing more limp by the moment, heavy with relaxation and almost paralyzed under the even strokes against his wings, tight grip on your shirt slowly loosening as he fell apart. 

Fandom vs Canon (Diabolik Lovers)

Fandom Shu: Lazy closet pervert who loves music and his s/o, likes bathing with his clothes on

Canon Shu: Lazy open pervert with PTSD who wrestled a fucking polar bear and can probably kill everyone in the room if he wanted to. Scared to death of loss. Extreme sadist, cuts you with a knife because your blood tastes better when you’re scared.

Fandom Reiji: BDSM mom friend, likes collecting plates

Canon Reiji: Pessimistic sadist with a sibling oriented inferiority complex. Had no problem murdering his own mother and even wanted to resurrect her so he could kill her in a more painful way each time. Burned down a village to kill his brother’s best friend. Could kill you in your sleep and wouldn’t blink twice.

Fandom Ayato: Lovable and confident dork who likes memes, boobs and takoyaki.

Canon Ayato: Do-S with an extreme superiority and inferiority complex. Abused and pressured to beat Shu as the heir to the vampire throne. Thrown into a lake to drown by his mother, ended up murdering her out of hatred and smiled the entire time. Sleeps in a fucking iron maiden. Will probably snap your neck if you don’t call him Ore-sama.

Fandom Kanato: Smol screaming child, bipolar, will like you if you make him deserts

Canon Kanato: Neglected sadist, quite possibly with Aspergers, with severe distrust towards other people, bordering on paranoia. Has sex with you more than any guy in the game, eats the ashes of his dead mother when he gets panic attacks. Might stab you in the throat with a fork if he doesn’t like your desert.

Fandom Laito: Macaroon fedora pervert, constant boner, “Bitch-chan~”

Canon Laito: Confuses love with lust due to being sexually abused by his own mother, was thrown in a dungeon by his father when he found out. He killed her so she could “be with him in eternity.” Manipulative and incredibly clever, voyeuristic with a degrading kink. His personality can turn dark in less than a second. Will use your fears to break you.

Fandom Subaru: Angry emo trash but is actually a cinnamon roll. Likes Blink 182, MCR, and punching wall-chan

Canon Subaru: Extreme sadist who ended up being an incest child because his dad used him as his mom as an experiment. Was called a filthy abomination by his mother who he loved more than anyone, now has a distrust towards women and constant suicidal thoughts.

Fandom Ruki: Hot mysterious book worm who’s into BDSM. Secretly cares about you and loves you.

Canon Ruki: Hot mysterious book worm who has been abusing people since he was seven years old. Was abandoned by his mother and his father killed himself, forcing him to live in the street. Warped perception of companionship, fear of abandonment, treats you like livestock because he was branded like cattle.

Fandom Kou: Prancy dancy idol-chan, sweet but manipulative, listens to BTS

Canon Kou: Abandoned at birth, turned into a sadist due to the amount of abuse he endured as a child. Ripped out his own eye to escape border line slavery and tried to commit suicide multiple times. Manipulative, will always expect something in exchange from you, capable of a 180 personality flip and won’t hesitate to kill when he’s angry.

Fandom Yuma: Giant gardening teddy bear, sugar-chan~ rebellious in a hot way

Canon Yuma: Can and will snap you in half. Beaten by his parents for not praying to God. Watched his parents burn alive and joined a gang, living on the streets. Sold himself as a slave to just to make enough money to survive. Sadistic, perverted, hot headed and can go on a total rampage. Kills you or someone else in almost all of his dark ends.

Fandom Azusa: Sweet masochist cinnamon bun who collects knives, doesn’t say much

Canon Azusa: Extreme masochist and sadist who enjoys self harm and harming others. Cuts you because he “wants you to feel good.” Enjoyed getting beaten as a child. Pain keeps him alive and gives him purpose, borderline suicidal.

(I might do more of these for other fandoms as well~)