mine: delirium

Stałam się w tym wszystkim całkiem niezła – mówić jedno, podczas gdy myśli się coś innego, zachowywać się, jakbym słuchała, kiedy nie słucham, udawać, że jestem spokojna i szczęśliwa, kiedy tak naprawdę jestem na skraju rozpaczy. To jedna z umiejętności, jakie doskonali się z wiekiem.
—  Lauren Oliver ‘Delirium’
Nadie puede decirnos que no. Nadie puede detenernos. Nos hemos elegido el uno al otro y el resto del mundo se puede ir a la mierda.
—  Lena, Delirium

Normal Parents: You can’t stay up all night partying I’m gonna ground you.

My Parents: You can’t stay up all night reading I’m gonna take your book away.


Bill Sienkiewicz 2003: Sandman: Endless Nights

After a long absence, Neil Gaiman returned to the Sandman series in 2003 with the help of Dave McKean, Milo Manara, Frank Quitely, Miigeulanxo Prado, P. Craig Russell, Barron Storey, Glenn Fabry, and of course, Bill Sienkiewicz; who each drew a separate chapter devoted to one of the Endless.

Sienkiewicz takes on Delirium, in which an assortment of mentally unstable people gather to rescue her from within her own realm. Told from the perspectives of the demented rescuers, the narrative is superficially incoherent, but the reader can nonetheless get the gist of the story just as if the characters’ mad ramblings were like a half-learned language.

While Sienkiewicz doesn’t have an extensive background with these characters, it goes beyond saying that his art is perfectly suited for Delirium, oscillating between disquiet and beauty. He illustrates the unbalanced rescuers as black and white figures amongst a painted world, underlining how detached they are from the world.