mine: danny c

I used to have this boyfriend. I was 15, he was 17. He wasn’t very good looking, but he was tall and cute and all the neighborhood girls wanted him because he had 5 older sisters and he was just the kindest most respectful boy there ever was.

Or something like that.

We started dating but because he was older and had a car, my father didn’t approve so we had to essentially keep our make out sessions/relationship a secret.

We used to make out something serious. Not just over the clothes…there was digital penetration and furious awkward jerkings on the side of my house in the dark all the time. 

So, I guess the next obvious step was letting him poke my undercarriage…if you know what I mean.

On the night of the big “to do”, we hung out in his best friend’s mom’s basement and we were groping and dry humping and then he said..“wanna do it?”

And I said, “I guess.” Ya know, because I was all kinds of assertive and self assured at 15.

And so he took his acid washed Cavaricci’s off. And I slid off my inside out over sized black sweat pants I used to roll up a 100 times at the waist (shut up, it was the 80’s) and we started making out without our pants on.

He reached for a condom and I could hear him fumbling with the wrapper and struggling to make heads or tails of it and I started to get cold and the mood was over and I was getting a little bored and maybe even a little irritated so I said…

“maybe we should try again another day”

And he quit futzing with the rubber and even though it was dark I could tell he was looking  right at me and then he said…

“Matt was right. You’re nothing but a big fat cock tease. This is exactly why girls like you get raped.”

I sucked in my breath. Stood up, reached for my pants and slipped them back on and as I was bent over pretending to tie my shoes I found Matt’s older brother’s 5 pound dumb bell laying on the floor under the futon, so I picked it up and threw it at his penis and I said…

“Jennifer was right. You are a douchebag. This is exactly why guys like you get things thrown at their nuts”.

And I grabbed my shoes and I walked up the stairs, out his back door and all the way home…


I’m scared that when Mindy finally finds out about Danny’s feelings, and in turn her own of course, that she’ll deny anything to do with it for so long and when she eventually admits it it will be too late, and Danny will no longer be there for her.

Because, where Mindy is at the moment in terms of character development, I don’t think she’d get Danny’s love for her.


Twisted Anger - Faithless 


Dieselboy - Invid (Twisted Anger Remix)

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Danny C is a young Dubstep and Drum n Bass producer from East Sussex.

Growing up in a very musical family encouraged him to grow familiar with the piano, the guitar and to also grow a love for all music.
Danny C says, “I grew up with Funk and the Blues being what I learnt on guitar. Over time I was drawn towards Metal and then Dubstep and Dance. I love all music really!!" 

Danny C first starting producing in 2009/2010 but not until recently has he attempted something so demanding of his Production skills.

"Danny C has extraordinary ability on his first instrument, the guitar, which he brings to all aspects of his music making!”

So check out this exciting new project as Danny C chucks in everything he’s got to create as exciting a fusion of music as he possibly can…


Twisted Anger - Mothership

Dread Recordings 2002