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I definitely think the biggest challenge I’ve had so far would be just learning to be able to be alone. And that’s something I think a lot of 20-somethings go through. You don’t always need a boyfriend and you know, you don’t always need 20 girls surrounding you telling you you’re great. I’ve actually learned to be alone to you know sit home by myself and read a book or cook myself dinner and just talk to myself. It’s very helpful, I mean it really helps you to be complete as a person.

I am so proud of SPN for going onto their 13th season. Not to mention that this is remotely Jensen and Jared’s wants. They are not being made to continue the show. They decided to keep going and I am a bit surprised. Jensen has two newborn babies and Jared has one on the way. I was not expecting another season. I am so thankful that we are getting one. Those men and their wives are amazing and I am so grateful for them. 


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Ten Inch Hero
Priestly’s “Superficial Horseshit” Speech

Jensen does NOT have to post all over social media when his kids were born. It’s none of your DAMN business. This is his and his wife’s life, NOT YOURS! You self-entitled little brats. The fact that ya’ll are bitching about not knowing the twins were born two(?) days ago until today is fucked up. GROW UP!

(sorry to my lovely followers for seeing this. I am just so pissed.)