mine: dalton

i might get your heart racing
Author: klaineanummel
Rating: NC17
Word count: 21k
Summary: When Blaine Anderson’s plan to lose his virginity to Sebastian Smythe goes awry, he finds comfort in the arms of the last person he expected - Kurt Hummel, known throughout Dalton Academy as “the de-virginator”

anonymous asked:

Mmm what about some cutesy relationship headcanons for Dalton and Jabra? ; v ;/ thank you for all the lovely headcanons so far!! Especially for lesser known characters, who are almost always my faves ;;

I feel you, friend. My favorites are always the minor characters too. And thank you for the lovely comments. <3

Dalton Fluff Headcanons:

  • Dalton’s the best when it comes to making time for his s/o. It doesn’t matter how many kingly responsibilities he’s got on his plate. He somehow manages to stay on top of all of them while keeping regular dates with his partner. Dinner with them in particular is one tradition that he is very set on keeping.
  • Dalton and his lover have an indoor garden that they work together to maintain. Due to Drum Island’s harsh climate, they all have to be hardier plants that can handle the limited sunlight, but the couple doesn’t mind. They have even named each of their plants and friends jokingly refer to them as Dalton’s children.
  • Every night, before Dalton and his s/o go to sleep, he likes to read with them. The books they read the most are about old mythology and legends, some from Drum Island and plenty from other lands. Dalton also likes stories about brave warriors that protect their lands from monsters.
  • Since Dalton towers over his partner, you’d think affection, like kisses, would be a bit of a challenge. Dalton, however, has no qualms about having to lean down to smooch his lover and does so frequently. He does appreciate a back rub every now and then, though.

Jabra Fluff Headcanons:

  • Jabra loves to nap alongside his partner. He sleeps deeper with them nearby, feeling like he doesn’t have to be as alert as usual. Sometimes, if his partner starts running their fingers through his hair, Jabra’s foot will kick in his sleep. He has no idea of this until Fukuro witnesses it one day. 
  • Jabra’s probably one of the most cuddly guys in OP, but in that gruff, possessive kind of way. Whenever CP9 meets up to discuss missions, Jabra pulls his s/o into his lap and nuzzles their neck while half-listening. It irks Lucci relentlessly and Jabra adores it.
  • Jabra’s such a huge show off, it’s ridiculous. If there’s ever a carnival around, he loves to play the strength related ones for his partner and absolutely wreck at them. His partner has so many giant stuffed animals because of this (most of them wolf related). 
  • While a lot of guys enjoy seeing their s/o in their clothes, Jabra takes this to the next level. He’ll actually ask his partner to wear his shirts, getting a little put out if they don’t want to. Their scent rubs off onto them, while his covers his s/o. It’s the best situation in his mind. Plus, it’s an excuse for him to go shirtless for a little while.