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☢▼✿ ( lmao sorry babes 😏😘 )

☢  five times my muse almost sends a nude, and the one time they do.

  1. posing in the bathroom at pearl waters, debating on whether to send one to nova. “should i? i should. no, that’s weird. maybe? just do it. shit, did that send to dalton? okay it didn’t, okay, i’m cool.” 
  2. day before the campfire party, taking a bath and relaxing after hitting a tree while snowboarding, on snapchat. “You all, I almost died today. Dead serious. I hit a tree. On a snowboard. My clothes are covered blood and I have never been happier to have Evie here. Woah, camera, watch yourself, don’t take a picture of that, it’s private property. WAIT has this not even been recording?! SHIT NO DON’T SEND THAT TO HIM, HE HATES ME.”
  3. day of the second party on holiday, in a hot tub and glad that the others weren’t around. “No, that one looks weird. That one does to. That lighting’s off. Ew, is that what it looks like that way? No, he’s just going to have to wait until I get in better lighting.”
  4. the morning after their night together, while cooking and waiting for him to wake up. “I mean, he’s seen it, so it isn’t weird, right? But he’s like ten feet away, so it’d be weird to send him one when he’s like right there, right? Does he even want one? Okay, whatever, I’m doing it–HEY KYLIE WHAT’S UP WANT SOME FRENCH TOAST, I WASN’T DOING ANYTHING.”
  5. on the plane back, in the bathroom, wondering how best to suggest they join the mile-high club. “Oh my god, why is airplane lighting so awful? Wait, what is that weird thing? Is that..no, that’s just a freckle, okay. Wait, I have a freckle there? Do I have any others?” 

  1. on the beach, just returned from holiday, laying in the hammock he set up after the first party. “Wow, that one actually looks good. Like, really good. Alright, send that, before I decide against it.” here

▲  five time my muse thought about kissing yours, and the one time they did.

  1. at the first party, throwing lemons. ah shit, he’s actually really cute when he’s irritated. stop, no, bad ian, bad.
  2. in the kitchen after he got back from the hospital, handing him a bag of peas. oh my god, how the hell could’ve i done that? maybe if i just kiss it better..no, dumbass, he’s clearly terrified of you, stop it. give him space.
  3. during their task together, walking through the trees. okay but he’s like right there, obviously, and he’s acting alright, so- no, focus, stop it, he hates you, remember?
  4. on the plane to the mountains, definitely not being creepy watching dalton nap. oh my god hes so cute, what the fuck, how the hell, i am personally offended by his cuteness. how dare he. no one is allowed to be that cute and i will punish him with kisses becau- NO IAN STOP IT SIT BACK DOWN.
  5. on holiday, cooking dinner for anyone who happens to walk by, glancing over occasionally as dalton reads by the fire. wait, what book is that? shit, that’s a good book, he has good taste in books too. god damn it, can he be at least a little less attractive? i bet he’s super warm, too, right now, all snuggled by the fire, and it would be so great to just sit beside him and also read and then just give him random kisses and- OH SHIT THE FOOD IS ON FIRE.

  1. on the plane back from holiday, watching dalton look out the tiny plane window at the clouds. holy shit he looks so gorgeous right now, how is it even possible to look that good? wait shit he caught what do i do what do i do what, wait, that’s right, that’s a thing now isn’t it? wow his lips are so soft, i wonder where he keeps his chapstick?

✿  five times my muse almost texted yours, and the one time they did.

  1. 3.59am: what are you doing right now  | unsent 
  2. 4.01am: shit you’re sleeping aren’t you  | unsent 
  3. 4.05am: i want you to know that i think i actually really like you?  | unsent 
  4. 4.10am: like a lot more than i actually thought i did  | unsent 
  5. 4.12am: like enough to want you to move to boston after the show.  | unsent
  6. 4.13am: or ill move to wherever you are even. | unsent

  1. 4.15am: as long as we’re together, i guess. | sent
  2. 4.16am: shit ignore that i’m like drunk or something | sent
More Stuff on the Dalton Update


Tis the same thread where CP said that the update will be “this year.” Now.


Brie jokingly said that the update will be on December 31st, which is the last day of the year. Even though that’s still a pretty long wait, it is still technically within the “this year.” 



S O O N you guys. soon

So. Like. Hide your kids hide your wives hold your horses and most importantly HOLD YOURSELF if you have a buddy HOLD YOUR BUDDY. if you don’t have a buddy WELL GOOD LUCK. I’LL BE YOUR BUDDY. AND IM IN THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING NO WHERE NEXT TO THE PACIFIC OCEAN. 

Dalton update is SOON. 

  • Kureha: Dalton! What the hell did you call me for? I'm busy!!
  • Dalton: Hello, sorry, Dr. Kureha. I really wanted you to see this!!
  • Guy: Dr. Kureha!! Don't talk to the king like that.
  • Kureha: What? You wanna hear the secret of youth?
  • People: No, we didn't ask for that!!