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March 22, 2017 || Their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja and Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit attend the Government’s luncheon in honour of His Excellency President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and Ms Eliza Reid at Akershus Castle, as a part of Icelandic three-day State Visit to Norway.

Source: The Royal Court

Shitty and Lardo with Kids
  • Once Shitty and Lardo get married they decide that they want kids
  • Only they don’t want to deal with babies
  • Young children are also lots of work
  • So, they decide to adopt the ‘unadoptable’ preteens and teenagers that the system has all but given up on
  • The ‘unadoptable’ kids finish growing up in a loving, supportive household with the most chill parents who encourage them to be their best
  • maybe a few years later Lardo accidentally gets pregnant
  • They keep the kid (obviously)
  • Baby Duan-Knight is basically raised by an army of adults
  • when Baby Duan-Knight gets to school they keep getting picked up by random adults
  • ‘adults’ consist of both Samwell and Duan-Knight crew
  • the teacher is really confused as to who’s Baby Duan-Knight’s real parents 
  • (parent-teacher conferences are not helpful because there’s only a 10% both Lardo and Shitty will be there and a 40% chance that one of them will be there either alone or with another adult)
  • Teacher gets even more confused when Baby Duan-Knight starts introducing their siblings, who are full grown adults (possibly starting their own families) at this point
  • Long story short, the whole Duan-Knight clan grows up loved and supported by a wide variety of people

I am still dating a wonderful young man and now the team knows whom! It’s changed things for the better, and that’s all y’all are getting out of me.


rapunzel »  byron howard, nathan greno

“maybe the witch thought she was protecting rapunzel, not punishing her. maybe she thought that if rapunzel was locked away, no one could ever hurt her. maybe the witch kept rapunzel because she loved her, because she was scared that if other people could get to rapunzel, they would hurt her. and maybe rapunzel didn’t understand the witch; maybe she was angry at her - but maybe she loved her too.” 


where Bitty is at his first nhl all-star game as a rookie and competes in the fastest skater competition. Of course, he wins (and breaks a lot of records too, ayooo) and gets quite the attention from The Veterans, including 2-Time-Stanley-Cup-Champion Jack “Hockey Robot” Zimmermann. Bitty thought Jack was jealous of him at first because he was very curt in the one conversation they had. But it turns out Jack doesn’t know how to deal with Attraction™, much less attraction towards a rookie from a rival team. Fast forward to the after party where there is drunken confessions and lots of kisses- BOOM! Hockey’s newest power couple is born.