mine: cp

why you should check out club penguin rewritten

- free memberships. for everyone.

- it’s club penguin out of 2009-2010 (that’s when cp hit its prime, imo)

- the creators are fellow fans, so they want what we want. they are motivated by love of the game, not their own financial interests.

- the parties are all of the old favourites. so far there has been the puffle party, mountain expedition, st patrick’s day party, and currently the april fools party!

- the community is great. people actually talk on here, act in plays, make friends. it’s not full of igloo promotions and boring parties like cp was before it closed.

Listen. It wasn’t like she showed up in my life and changed anything and everything. She did not put this mangled wreck of pieces back together and things were not even close to being magically better when she walked right into my life. What she did do, was she made me feel safe. She made me feel smart and beautiful and finally like I had some worth. She made me hopeful– for a better life… a better future. She made me want things I never knew I wanted. This isn’t some heroic love story where she saves me– it’s one where she makes me want to save myself.
—  5/15/17