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Bad Bob’s favorite dad joke happened when he and Alicia were out shopping just after Jack started teething. A reporter cornered them just outside the grocery store and asked him,

“Bad Bob, do you think your son will go into hockey like you?”

Bob, being an exhausted parent of a 6 month old, looked down at Jack chewing on his 1991 Stanley Cup Final game winning hockey puck, looked back up at the reporter and said,

“Well, he certainly has a taste for it”

Potential things the ‘Zimbits Decision’ could be
  • Coming out to Bitty’s parents
  • Coming out publicly
  • Telling Suzanne that Bitty uses Aunt Judy’s recipe
  • Moving in together
  • Getting married
  • Adopting a pet
  • Adopting Tater
  • Which pie Bitty should bake next
  • Whether or not Jack should give up hockey and go into competitive horticulture

Someone has probably done this before, but in the classic Soulmate AU where you have your soulmate’s first words to you tattooed on your arm, Bitty works in a diner and has the words “Check, Please!” written on his arm, so when a cute, dark haired, blue eyed man comes in and says nothing until he asks for his check, Bitty, who hears this thousands of times a day, thinks nothing of it. Jack, on the other hand, never expected to hear the words “What can I get you, sweet thing?” from such a bright eyed, adorable man. Now if only he could work up the courage to talk to him.