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Närcon was so much fun. A week ago I attended a convention in Sweden. It’s mostly an outdoor convention and it’s so dang fun XD We met so many new friends and had a BLAST!!! I will credit as many as I can think of. But the “second Swap!Papyrus” I don’t know who it was, so friends… fill me in!


@dreamieh​  as Error!Sans (Character by @loverofpiggies​ )

@zerelixon​  as Ink!Sans (Character by @comyet​ )

@dyingstararch​  as Underswap!Papyrus 1 (Character by @popcornpr1nce )

@missladytale​  as Underswap!Sans (Character by @popcornpr1nce )

Emmi-Lee as Dream!Sans 1 (Character by @jokublog​ )

@nuggetdotgoldien​ as Dream!Sans 2 and (Characters by @jokublog​ )








Hey Friends!!

Ananth and I are gonna be at SPX this weekend in Bethesda, MD! You can find us at table #W-81 by the front doors. Please come by and say hello!!

ALSO the Johnny Wander omnibus, Our Cats are More Famous Than Us was nominated for an Ignatz for Best Collection!!!!! Anyone who attends SPX can vote in the Ignatzes, so if you’re going we’d really appreciate your vote!!!

See u soon! ♥︎

blueheaven11  asked:

Hello Unu! I'm not sure but I remember a post in which you said that you've visited a german convention, right? Are you from Germany? If so; are you going to visit some other conventions this year? If I'm totally wrong; sorry to bother you xD

Yep, that’s right. I’m from Germany. C:

I am still considering whether to show up at the Connichi this year, but I ain’t really sure yet; other than that, nothing is planned anymore so far.

Other from that, I’ve visited multiple con this year, and probably will next year, too! The MUST GO TO con for me is the Dokomi in Düsseldorf, everything else is entirely optional.

I’m also proud to be always in accompany of @lyoth737 when visiting cons. If you see an ErrorInk couple at a con using makeup instead of masks, it’s probably us. C: