mine: concerts


Here’s the freebie from the Yuri on concert live viewing event. Those who watched the Yuri on Ice concert via live viewing received a holographic stickers.╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

things that make me happy
  • concerts
  • music
  • concert tickets
  • waiting for concerts
  • the moment before the band comes onto the stage
  • fans singing with the band together
  • making eye contact with the artist
  • small concerts
  • small concert venues
  • when the artist holds a speech before a song
  • taking pictures or recording videos of your fav songs
  • making new friends while waiting
  • literally screaming together
  • when something goes wrong, so the artist has to improvise
  • when the light changes
  • when the singer changes the stage
  • crying when your fav song comes
  • the feeling after a concert
  • feeling so light and happy
There are so many types of comfortable.

There’s the homely comfortable where you let your hair down and put on a hoodie and order a pizza and eat that whole fucking pizza because no one can stop you, and then there’s the invincible kind of comfortable where you do your makeup or you take off your makeup and you go outside to show the world “I’m not afraid of you right now.” There’s the educated comfortable when you’re in you’re favourite class in school and you raise your hand because you know the answer, and you know that the answer’s correct. There’s the serene kind of comfortable where you go outside during a thunderstorm and watch the lightning strike across the sky as you listen to your favourite song, and there’s the comfortable where you’re with friends or family and you’re laughing and everything is okay right then so it’s fine if it isn’t in a little while.

things that actually happened during a concert

( our band is really bad i’m so sorry )
flutes: rips dress ten minutes before concert in a way so that it’d show her bra to half the audience
clarinets: breaks a reed clean in half somehow halfway through concert and decided it’d be a good idea to run off stage to get a new one
french horns: randomly comes in super sharp a bar early during a bells solo and stops after two and a half notes, then comes in half a bar late
alto saxes: has a coughing fit during solo, so 2nd alto had to pick it up despite barely knowing it
tenor saxes: plays the wrong piece for five bars before realizing, despite them being in different keys???
trumpets: accidentally kicks mute over so that it rolls under flute’s chair
tubas: literally breaks his instrument halfway through the second of five pieces ( this is literally the only tuba who knows how to count )
trombones: nothing. they’re perfect. it irritates everyone.
percussion: TWO of them don’t come in, so there’s sixteen bars of absolute silence
+ bonus: ( during a football game ) “hey, bd? i found some tampons in the tuba”

Best Feeling In The World

I think one of the best feelings in the world is when you’re singing so loud you don’t even care if you sound good. Feeling your voice slowly becoming hoarse because you’ve screamed so loud. Getting so lost in the moment it feels like forever, but it goes by in an instant. Knowing someone who means the world to you is right in front of you and you can hear their voice, just knowing they’re there and happy. Seeing them becoming lost in the music and smiling because they’re overcome with happiness. It’s the best feeling in the world and theirs nothing like it.