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If I sound bitter it is because I am. This is not your problem any longer as you well recognize. Perhaps I am too much of a sentimentalist but as difficult as it would have been I would have liked to say goodbye to you in person, kiss you one last time…Sunday, as I sat on the bench in the prison yard, basking in the sun, the fear grew with each hour. What a pathetic creature I must have appeared to be. Watching, waiting. Then three o’clock arrived and three fifteen and three thirty and three fifty and finally four. I waited until the bitter end, I imagined you driving to the airport and boarding the plane just a few miles away and I was struck with the panic of a caged animal. I felt the suicidal urge to run at the barbed wire fence and run and run to say goodbye to you before the plane flew you away from me forever. Crying, trembling as the last minutes ticked away I kept pleading softly to myself, “Please, Liz, please.” Please don’t leave me this way, I thought. Sunday was the most demoralizing day of my life. Sunday I think I finally recognized how powerless and weak I am.

- A letter from Ted Bundy to Liz Kloepfer dated September 7, 1976.

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Hi, my friend has a 30 gallon and she's trying to decide what to put in it. We both thought a betta sorority would be super cool, but her parents are divorced and she would only see her bettas a couple times a week. Her dad would feed them, but we're worried that without keeping a close watch on them something will go wrong. Any ideas?

Hi there! I cannot condone a betta sorority due to the stress it puts on each of the girls and the potential for it to go badly. Here’s a link to a post by someone who regrets their sorority:

https://elemental-kiss.tumblr.com/post/155673000692/why-do-you-regret-your-sorority (edited link to the OP)

There are plenty of other choices for a peaceful community tank, such as tetras, corydoras, otocinclus, gouramis, guppies, rasboras, barbs, or hatchetfish, and more! I would do some research on aquarium sites and other fishblr blogs on tumblr to find a good stocking combination where the fish are at peace with each other and don’t overcrowd the tank! I’ve only had bettas and no experience (so far!) with a community tank, so I can’t say for sure what works the best, but there is plenty of info out there. For example:


Does anyone else have any input? I hope this helped!

Little Friend Application! 🍦🖍🌟🍼

I did this like 3 years ago on my first little blog, but I sadly never made a best friend out of it. But I’m serious about it. I really need a little bff. Someone that wants to be friends forever, not someone that will just leave me randomly, you know? You can reblog this too if you want littles to send you friend applications! 💖

Answer every question below and send me your answers in the messaging system, not my ask box, please!

Name? (and any nicknames you like to be called by friends)
Preferred pronouns? (I don’t want to to refer to you in the wrong way!)
Are you in any specific age regression community?
Favorite little activities?
Favorite non little activities?
Favorite movies and shows?
Favorite video games? (if you play any)
Do you have a caregiver? And are they a platonic or romantic cg?
Are you able to give good advice and comfort?
Do you like weird memes? (I like friends with a weird sense of humor tbh)
Anything else that you would like me to know?

If we start talking, I’m only available to text on kik! I don’t really like messaging back and forth on tumblr, sowwy! 💕


Merry Christmas (And happy holidays!) to the RT community! This was just a little project I was working on to avoid studying for finals so I hope you enjoy it!