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I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to say that we’ve hit 500 subscribers on YouTube as of last night!!! That is absolutely incredible!!
Each and every single one of you beautiful people out there deserve a thank you so that’s what this video is!
I also wanted to thank @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier for daily inspiration to make videos! You two ate awesome! YouTube has become more than an outlet for me, it has become a home with a wonderful community, a passion of mine I didn’t even know I had or could do until a year ago!
Thank you everyone again!! :D

τα δαχτυλα σου πάλλονταν μεσα μου με το ρυθμο της βροχης.
ολοένα δυνάμωνε η βροχη και μαζι η λαχτάρα μου για εσενα. Μαζι και τα βογγητα μου.
Δεν ξερω αν το ακουσες, αν το θυμασαι, σ'αγαπώ.

Yvette Nicole Brown and Gillian Jacobs Had Some Nice Things to Say About Donald Glover

On a charity livestream benefitting Donors Choose at Skybound Entertainment, Yvette Nicole Brown and Gillian Jacobs had some nice words to say about their former costar.

“He’s just effortlessly talented at so many different things. I had not really met somebody like that. He’s also incredible at drawing. He’s like an amazing artist. He can dance. He can sing. He can act. He can write. He can really do whatever he puts his mind to. So, it’s just incredible to be around him,” says Gillian Jacobs.

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Creating Cool Villains - Angels & Celestials

The time has come once more to take a look at some more famous icons in the lands and many worlds and planes of the D&D universe…

And this time, we’re going to travel to the higher planes of the cosmos..

Because this time we’re showing you how you could create some great angelic villains…

And angels can be more than just goody-two-shoes all the time, angels can rise and fall from grace…

So this post is filled with ideas on creating awesome angelic villains for your campaigns!

So without further interruption, here are a few tips and examples of using celestials and angels in your campaign.

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