mine: common law


“We don’t need karaoke or to be drunk to- to be silly, trust me. We just did it in the photoshoot, trust me, it goes down between us.”  [x]


Common Law + text posts part 2

Part 1

Also thank you to the lovely multi-screencap for letting me use some of their wonderful screencaps!


“Let’s get you into bed.”

Wes tries to lift Travis off the couch, which is funny because right now Travis is a dead weight and Wes might be tougher than he looks, but he’s still a skinny little thing.

“I’m good here.” Travis sinks deeper into the cushions.

It turns out that Wes has some deeply hidden nurturing (fretting) instincts and they’ve all come spilling out.

Which means that he’s moving Travis even if it gets him a hernia.

“Knew you always wanted to get me in bed,” Travis says slyly.

“I can put you down without agitating your ribs or I can just drop you, the choice is yours.” Wes’s face has gone all pink. It’s the exertion, it’s not embarrassment or anything.

He gets Travis’s clothes off efficiently and tucks him in.

Travis grabs his hand as he turns to leave.

“You staying?”

Wes nods. “If you want me to.”

“I’ve got some old clothes in that drawer.”

Oh. Right. That was a stay-right-here-with-me, not just hang-around-my-apartment.

And that’s how Wes ends up in bed with Travis wearing the softest old UCLA t-shirt that’s way too big for him.

Not that Travis is conscious for it. He’s drooling into the pillow.

“You’re disgusting,” Wes mutters affectionately as he closes his eyes.

“Come on, keep up."  Wes said without looking back.

He hears the fanatic pitter patter of webbed feet as they try to keep up with his steps, along with the hurried quacking.  He doesn’t have to look to know Kacsa has his wings back and is standing tall as he hurried along.

I had to do a colored, more official pick, especially of the two of them walking.  WHY IS THIS SO ADORABLE!?