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abort mission!!


I am still dating a wonderful young man and now the team knows whom! It’s changed things for the better, and that’s all y’all are getting out of me.

She descended the ramp and walked over to Leia. Leia held Rey’s face in her hands, then embraced her, sharing the girl’s tears.

TFA #6


You create walls. You manufacture rules. You live a small life, while lying to yourself that you’re as open and free as the stars

You tell yourself the reason is survival. Good reason, right?

But sometimes survival is about telling yourself lies… until you can’t lie anymore

& then you have to make a choice about who you really are… and what’s worth living for

Lies are easier, that’s for sure.

marjorie liu, mark brooks, & sonia oback


marvel poc week

day one: favorite female poc ◇ kamala khan